Bigg Boss 3 Tamil September 4 Day 73 – Sandy and Kavin making fun of Vanitha, What will she do? Video Highlights

bigg boss 3 tamil day 73

The thirds promo of Bigg Boss Season 3 Tamil September 4, 2019 is hilarious and we can see Sandy making fun of Vanitha. Though it appears funny it shows how much grudge Sandy has over Vanitha. Will this result in a fight between Sandy and Vanitha?

bigg boss 3 tamil september 4
The video starts with Sandy, Kavin, Losliya, Mugen and Abhirami sitting and discussing something while suddenly Kavin ask Sandy to look at Vanitha and give her a voice over from here. Sandy taking this opportunity gives a hilarious voice over for Vanitha.
sandy making fun of vanitha
He started giving voice over for Vanitha’s action “I dont care about anyone, I am going to take the title and I will be the title winner, even kamal sir said I am the title winner”, On hearing this Losliya, Muge, Kavin and Abhirami were laughing.
bb vanitha mohan vaidya
Then Sandy started giving voice over for Mohan Vaidya “Why did I come inside, I came inside to show these people who I am”, continue the voice over for Vanitha’s action “Who is he to talk about me, how can he talk about me. I am the title winner, Who are you talk about me, I don’t care, I am the title winner”. On hearing this Losliya, Kavin and Sandy were laughing while Abhirami and Mugen were keeping quiet.
bigg boss 3 tamil day 73
What will happen if Vanitha comes to know about this, Will Kamal Hassan show this as short film during the weekend? We have to wait and watch. What are your thoughts? Share below.

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  1. vanitha is disturbing everyone and things master of everthing. she has to be sent out first followed cheeran.he thinks heis smart and outwit others by his influence

  2. Shren real face come out when saksi in. Vanita never change she rly need bitten with shoes. Chren always blame the youngest, mugen not should play games with his simpity family problems, sandy, Tharsen no words they good, Kavin n lostlia nothing wrong with their love

  3. Vanitha always trying to find fault with others and being a big problem for everyone,so pls go home and give chances for the others to have a peaceful journey in the show,pls show the younger generation how to understand and face problems in the right sense.


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