Bigg Boss 3 Tamil September 30 – Is Losliya breaking up with Kavin, Will this affect her Title winning chances? Promo Video

bigg boss 13 losliya breaking up

Bigg Boss 3 Tamil September 30 Day 99 third promo is released. In this promo Losliya is sharing her experiences about Bigg Boss house. She said she thought about when she entererd into the house, she didn’t want to connect with anyone. And also didn’t want to cry unwantedly. Losliya shared her experience about meeting with her father after 10 years of separation. She already knows she will be scattered when she meet her father. She shares about the situation was worse when she met her father. She thinks that he will come and hug her with love. But her father came with some anger and asked her what she was doing there. She feels very sad for that question. This promo shows Losliya can decide whether to see the title with happiness or with guilt.

Losliya is also deserve the title because the facts are a 23 year young girl who stood brave and reached finals. She never behind the camera and Never played safe game. She has Clarity of thoughts during discussions and Performed well in all tasks. She controlled her emotions during tough times. From a small island to Bigg Boss Finalist there is no bigger achievement than become a finalist. She is also a human being like one of us so mistakes do happen. She is just class apart because of her uniqueness.
Criticism isn’t crime but do it in good manner to support to their future instead of doing negative trolls, body shaming etc. which will affect their family too, especially if they’re middle class, it’s so hard to handle. This is the reason that Losliya’s father’s angry about her. He knows her daughter but he can’t tolerate the society around them.
On the other hand Losliya is not as much smart as Kavin though, she already creating a plan, forming gang with strong Contestants based on claps, group nomination of weaker ones, PR team votes, evicting those who are not part of this plan, once the goal achieved, she is playing sympathy card. Will wait and watch who is deserving the title.


  1. All Kavin’s fan will vote for her whether she is going to cheat him or not. Kavin has a huge fan base. Now all will vote for her to fulfill his dream. There might be some who will share the vote to Sandy also. This girls is very bald and honest but Kavin is so genuine and honest in his rations and open. Hope she own’t cheat him.Hope her father will understand if their love is true not for the game.Father will know how his little girl who was 14 when father looking for male love. this is natural to fall in love if someone take care . Kavin is also good and suppository his family for the unfortunate thing append when he was in his teen age.Both respect and give important to their family nut loving each other is not a crime

  2. The only pair after kamal and sridevi is kavin and losliya. The bondage goes beyond. Fact is immortal love has never succeeded right from romeo/juliet, samson/delaila, laila/mannu, guru dutt/waheeda, amitabh/rekha….Of course kamal/sridevi.


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