Bigg Boss 3 Tamil September 3 Day 72 – Vanitha vs Kavin Fight continues, Vanitha Hangs her Microphone and Kavin Shouts [Video] Highlights

bigg boss 3 tamil september 3 vanitha vs kavin

Bigg Boss Season 3 Tamil has got back his usual mojo thanks to Vanitha who is creating a huge controversy with Kavin. After the elimination nomination for week 11, Vanitha is really angry with Kavin for nominating Chera and Sherin. She cannot withstand the fake reasons given by Kavin that Cheran and Sherin has seen huge success in their real life and hence they need not win this game and hence he is nominating them.

Vanitha is questioning Bigg Boss by hanging her microphone which is against the rules, she is saying she cannot continue and needs explanation on how Kavin can nominate Sherin and Cheran with those fake reasons. She is asking are we fools to accept what Kavin said just now. She cannot digest the fact that Kavin nominated Cheran because he won award for his movie and Sherin acted in hit movies and hence nominated her. She is asking what is this nonsense Bigg Boss?

Kavin Shouts back at Vanitha

kavin shouts at vanitha
Kavin shouts back at Vanitha and talking about her personal life. He is asking if his problem or whatever problem she faced are they same. Sandy supports Kavin and calls Vanitha mad and talking nonsense. He says Vanitha is talking things out of emotion or just talking to create controversy.

Do you agree with Vanitha or Do you agree with Kavin? Share your views below.


  1. Its crazy. Why Vanitha is such a swollen headed? Can’t understand why Big boss is impartial in his decisions?
    Why favourite Vanitha?
    People who are se d out cannot be brought back. Big boss please dont bend your rules and make a chaos is the house.

    • Kevin emotional ,sympathy ,love relationship ,jealous of father and daughter relationship, brain washing others in the name of friendship influence them for nomination . is it tolerable for the audience

  2. Vanitha is spot on; she’s playing the game whereas others are so useless and just hanging out there. The foolish people don’t understand the game at all. Bigg Boss doesn’t fit Tamil Nadu ppl as they are so immature

    • Agreed Vanitha is correct… everyone came there to play a game and win…
      If Kavin want to do charity work do it outside where there are really people in need… He doesn’t have to give in for the others to win… That victory has no value and the winner does not deserve that victory…Heis only shaming his “friends” portraying that they only can win if other contestants give way…

      • It is not he who is making them win.. it is we people and he just gave his opinion. Y just targeting him? Bantha is in to create controversies and she is successful…?

  3. This time she is right… Bigboss winner should be based on their individual capacity not by giving up or sympathy .. she is on the game not targeting them on individual personal matters . Based on the game she is speaking..

  4. Throw kavin and losliya first.two waste persons in big boss…they are not playing big boss game.they are playing lovers game…so stupid activities and irritated ….better throw them big boss…

  5. To be very frank this Bigg Boss SEASON 3 is really boring. Everybody seems to be playing very safe. Do you know why Bigg Boss brought Vanita back into the house, because he was getting BORED too,with the others. 1.Sandy finds everything as Joke. Kavin wants every women in there to adore him like he is a born Romeo. Kavin my advice if you would have acted like Saravanan Meenachi’s Vetian it would have been better. Cheran you are doing very well because you train people to do different characters in your movies,so you can easily do any character you to be and you decided a FATHER character for Losya so that if she gives you that respect the other girls will follow her right and you have a upper hand on all of them. Losya you wanted to play safe at first, like a butterfly floating around the house, when Kamal told you not to stay at the back, come forward,then you came,but did not know what do so you did the simplest thing a girl will do, play the game of LOVE.This time instead of Kavin coming to you ,you went to him in this love affair you started to control him and brought him to you. Sherrine playing a safe game,in Malaysia we call this type of people, LALLANG-it a tall grass it swings according to the wind, Sherrine is doing that.Keep it up. Mugaen and Tharshan both of them are lost in the Jurrasic Park. Mugaen is praising Vanita saying she changed, Now I tell you why Bigg Boss called back Vanita. I told the whole thing was getting bored right, but the moment Vanita came in it became HOT again, right. She is the DEVIL-SATAN(Sorry Vanita I don’t really mean it, just an expression only) whatever you call her.She was brought in just to create problems. The starting itself we saw the moment she came in, she started to Dominate the whole house, by talking loud arguing,swearing even challenging Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss like her style because she create alot things inside the house. She makes it interesting to watch, but many will not like her, she is aggressive not like Gayathri in the 1st Episode. SO WATCH OUT THE REST DO NOT LET THE DINOSAUR TAKE CONTROL OF THE BIGG BOSS PARK. Do something, there is going to be alot of BACK-STABBING as from now on. GOOD LUCK GUYS may the smartest among all of you who is holding the TRUMP CARD don’t it slip away.

  6. Pls throw vanitha… I agree that any victory should be earned…. But vanitha way of speaking is intolerable and non sense
    I feel losaliya can bid adieu to all then we can really see kavin game and strategy.

  7. cheren also is playing a very safe game and his attitude is bad..
    Always targetting kavin and sandy
    When there is a fight he is simply waiting and watching that is bad and not appreciated

  8. Big Boss what is the purpose of this show? what type of message you want to potray to the Thamil community as a whole. I think you have failed 99%. if you need money sell some flowers.. Don’t destroy tamil culture.
    Think about the new generation, tell them the value of life, humanity compassion love, happiness and forgiveness..

  9. Screw Bigg Boss, all scripted n nothing is real. Vanitha don’t even know how to act, got chance of acting in Bigg boss twice… Btw whole world knows why she has been evicted the first time.. police case.

  10. C’mon. Just because vanitha tries to portray as Tharshan may win on sympathy vote, or Cheran agreeing to it, or Kavin sympathising with Tharshan does not change the fact that Tharshan is doing a great job and can win from his own right, skill and support. Vanitha and Cheran are trying to play psychological game to weaken Keep going Tharshan.

  11. It’s useless that Vanitha is brought back to this game. How can she say that people should vote out Kavin from the show. If that was the case if she was playing as per the Capacity of the game why she was thrown out of the game in the third week itself. Kamal sir please see to it. The others are playing their game well. Vanitha and Cheran should be out. I had some sympathy on Cheran when Mr. Saravanan was targeting him, but now i feel Mr. Saravanan was correct and an able player.

  12. Vanitha comes across as a very obnoxious, judgemental, loud mouthed, opinionated, intimidating rude horrible person. Its so scary to live under the same roof with a character like. She can drive a person to depression with her yelling n bullying. Feel sorry for the contestants for having to tolerate her. Even more disappointing is Cheran for allowing himself to be influenced by vanitha. Kavin maybe wrong in his reason for nomination but end of the day its his opinion n action. There’s no reason for this loud mouthed rude woman to hit the roof and torture everyone in that house. I certainly feel very sorry for her father for having had a daughter like this..explains why she has 3 husbands. And now with the exposure of her true nature to the world, doubt there’ll be a fourth husband ??


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