Bigg Boss 3 Tamil September 27 Day 96 – Sandy praising Kavin’s sacrifice, Sherin stares Promo Video 2

bigg boss 3 tamil sandy praising kavin

Bigg Boss Tamil September 27 second promo is released which shows, Sandy is explaining about the impact of Kavin’s exit. He said he is missing Kavin really bad. And he will going to finals with Kavin’s medal. Everyone leaves the house by breaking the winner medal. But Kavin’s exit is unexpectedly. Sandy said, love you kavin always you will be in my heart. Also he stated, after he came out will going to ask some questions to kavin. Be ready for that kavin. Sandy is a very genuine and emotional person he hasn’t changed from day one and is very sportive.

This promo shows best friendship bond in Bigg Boss Tamil till date. He never fake his real love towards kavin. This friendship deserves a special appreciation. Sandy is the epitome of true friendship. He could easily brake down and cry all day, but he’s being happy because he knows that’s what Kavin would expect from him Bigg Boss. True friendship never end. Kavin is the luckiest one Sandy is a fantastic friend he got in this present competitive world.

Like Oviya in the first season of BB 1 now kavin has gone with a good name of BB 3. Kavin won several hearts even from haters. Kavin earned two true relationship, a soulmate Sandy and lovable Losliya. They are the gem he gainedGood to see Losliya is happy. Hope Losliya didn’t take any nasty decision in next few days. This week is the final week before finale. Tough semi but going to be a straightforward finals.

There is no need of a tribute. He waited for the opportunity and didn’t break any rules or create a new drama. He proved what he stood up for and followed his conscience. He isn’t dead. He didn’t want to risk the game till finals so took the money and quit! Now he is paying bills and debts living the real life, Bigg boss is not real life it’s a game show for god sake. Of course this friendship is something beyond explanation. Sandy is always true to his friendship. Hope Sandy is going to win the show.


  1. அட நாசமாப் போனவனுங்களா, அறிவே இல்லையா உங்களுக்கு? இப்படி ஒப்பாரி வச்சுத்தான் உங்க நட்ப காட்டணும்னு யாரு சொன்னாங்க? அவன் என்ன செத்தா போயிட்டான்? ஏதோ திறமை இருந்தாலும் உங்க தரம் என்னவோ ரொம்பக் கம்மி!


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