Bigg Boss 3 Tamil September 25 – Janani and Riythvika enters Bigg Boss house, confronts Kavin Promo Video

bigg boss 3 tamil janani rithivika enters bb house

Bigg Boss Tamil day 94 September 25 second promo video is out which shows, the promo starts with a music and contestants are waiting for someone’s arrival. Sandy said that will see who is going to enter. Then the red door is opened. Previous season contestants Janani and Rithvika is entered into the house. Sandy is dancing with the guests according to the music on background. Janani requested to Mugen that Please give me any craft, you made before I leave. Then all of them gathered at living room sofa. Janani telling to all the housemates that everyone is unique in this season. Then Tarshan request Janani that please come and tell in front of everyone. Janani stand up and Explaining about each contestants. First she told about Tarshan that, Tarshan is the one who travelled the Bigg Boss journey without changing the goal, it was a great thing. Then she explained about Kavin that, she taking a dialogue that kavin said earlier which was he is the one who got all the damage and he deserve the trophy. Everyone is laughing when she said the dialogue. Then also she added to kavin that you are the hero and you are the villain in your story.

bigg boss 3 tamil janani confronts kavin
This promo shows the warm welcome of guests to BB house. Contestants and guests are interacting with each other. It seemed everyone is in a happy mood. The Bigg Boss show has been getting a lot of fanfare from day to day. The main reason for this is that the finals are due in a few weeks. In this week guests are arriving to visit the finalist contestants. Will wait and watch.


  1. கவின் என்ன லுசா .கவின் போக கூடாது.ஏன் விட்டு கோடுக்கணும்.


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