Bigg Boss 3 Tamil September 20 – Kavin and Losliya talking about Sandy, Tharshan Interrupts Promo Video 2


Bigg Boss Tamil September 20 Second promo video is out which shows again argument of Sandy with Kavin and Losliya about the last task of Breaking Golden Eggs. At midnight, Bigg Boss introduced the 7th task. The contestants were given a golden egg, which had their names embedded on it. They have to stay awake to save their eggs from being destroyed. A housemate, who can’t save the egg will be losing the task along with anyone who are caught while destroying the eggs, which belong to other contestants. In this Task Only 4 members are left, remaining ones are failed. Losliya and Kavin are there and Sandy is out from the task.

Losliya and Kavin Blamed Sandy that he used some strategy. Sandy is keeping Umbrella before Kavin and Losliya. Kavin is Doubting Sandy as this is his strategy to support Mugen and Tharshan. So Losliya is confirming something which was going on in her mind. Sandy is Helping Mugen and Tharshan. Kavin and Losliya Discussing about sandy placed the Umbrellas as his Strategy. Sandy helps Tarshan to break Kavin egg by hiding their vision using umbrella. Losliya Said to Kavin in this Promo that, she thought one thing about Sandy, now it’s confirmed. She Never Expect Sandy will do this. Kavin Manipulates that sandy is doing a strategy. Then Tarshan Interrupting, That’s not a strategy, sandy become alone while Losliya and Kavin sit together so sandy is with their side, and Tharshan said that, don’t say that is his Strategy.
bigg boss 3 tamil september 20
It seems Tharshan is reacting as an after effect of the earlier incident with Sherin. He seems to have lost his composure this week a lot. Losliya was very angry during the ball task and now using the situation to demoralise Sandy. With few more tasks left in the ‘Ticket to Finale,’ it would be interesting to see who emerges as the winner and advances to the final. With 6 tasks being completed in the ‘Ticket to Finale,’ Sandy and Mugen are tied on 1st place with 38 points each. They are closely followed by Sherin with 36 points.
Everyone’s individuality is coming out except Kavin and Losliya. It is nice to see the end of groupism. We have to wait and watch what really happens tonight.


  1. Yes What Losliya and Kavin says is correct Sandy used strategy and discussed with Thurstan and Mugen gv instructions to them to break Kavin and Losliya eggs we saw them talking to each other Sandy has become to be Big Boss Captain Why he is discussing whom to be letting down Who is He to do this Big Boss Rules not to discuss but to play individual Sandy is discussing whom to nominate everyweek and he has taken the two guys mugen and Thurstan Sandy is really trying to make the house as if he is the Big Boss. cos all he tries by his making joke but it is not joke. he is back biting What Vanitha said was correct and today Losliya is very innocent even Sherin is trying by becoming like a baby behaviour using her beauty THurstan is still having soft corner against Sherin and Sherin calls for help at the Balls Game Did you guys notice She is playing as if she is a baby act how Big Boss allowed her to play again when she threw left out from the egg game to come back and play again it is unfair. all are targeting Losliya she is not talking anything but innocent. Big Boss Try to help Kavin and Losliya to go to finals

  2. Did bigg boss say that the contestants cannot use any strategy???Even the previous seasons contestants used some strategies to win the tasks.This Kavin and Losliya are just not fit to be in Bigg boss.I hope that they will get eliminated..acting like their so perfect.If Sandy,Mugen and Tharshan are using some strategy,this just shows how much they want to win,and they’re putting all their efforts and they’re using their brains.If that really bothers them,then maybe they should do the same thing rather than complaining.And this kavin is turning against his own friend Sandy,with the influence of Losliya.What the hell man!!!Where were their spirit during their earlier tasks.

    • Ama ithu olympic game ithula fit vera kedu
      Kastamana game la win anathey kavin and los thaan purichukonka
      Bady bulder yellam chair sutthavum baloon odakuvum thaan sari ithu nam ooru lkg pasanga game ok va

  3. Sandy ne super acter da nanpanaiye poda plain panni koduthitu onaku feeling vera nadikan da nee
    Kavin ne thaan da real hero ne nadikala ounmaiya real life la yapidi erukumo apdi thaan eruka keep it up
    Oun vayasila yallarum ippadi thaan erupanka its true ne thaan da real


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