Bigg Boss 3 Tamil September 2 Day 71 – Fight between Vanitha and Kavin erupts, Vanitha Says Kavin acts for Sympathy. Is he? [Video]

bigg boss 3 tamil september 2 2019

Bigg Boss Season 3 Tamil is becoming more engrossing after a dull last week with no elimination. Today being the first day of 10th week elimination nomination in progress and Vanitha is starting a fight with Kavin. She says Kavin is wasting his opportunity and not playing the game. She says Sakshi could have been here instead of him and she had to go as people voted for Kavin instead of her. She says if Kavin wants to leave the Bigg Boss house he should make sure Sakshi returns, but Kavin argues he is ready to leave the house if they can open the door.

This pisses of Vanitha and she again says if he wants to leave he should have left long back and not use this as sympathy. He is again asking Kavin not to influence anyone mainly pointing out his influence on Losliya and his fake reasons for nominating Cheran and Sherin this week. Since Vanitha being the captain of the house this week is safe from elimination and she is using every bit of this opportunity to point out mistakes about housemates. Is she right? Is Kavin trying to win sympathy? Share your views here.



    • Yes….ippadi frnds kku support panna makkal vote poduvankannu ninaichytan pola….pona week la na seyikka ready ayitean….nu scene pottan

    • Pls eliminate kavin, he doesn’t have winning spirit in this game
      First of all this is a game show it’s not a sacrificing or supporting other to win the game. He is not a deserving person to win the game.

  1. As far i’ve noticed tha kavitha is playing a cunning game…as soon big bos said its an open nomination kavitha reacted so comfortable and she knows that she can stirr a hell of shit because she will not get nominated because of her captainship position…thank god saravana was not there ,he would be the right person to shut fuck her up….

  2. No kavin is not acting for sympathy.. Vanitha feels she can decide the winner for this season since she has a plus.. Only she’s right all the time. Kavin please don’t give up…. We love u n support u strongly..

    • Yes kavin is wright in this competitive world peoples all don’t listen words from the person who has past of more failure this all peoples only see about the how much money big boss giving to the winner at the finals.kavin already told he has financial issue till this week can I say I will solve everything like that y you all don’t know that now he is giving hand to the same person when kavin in childhood no one did!!!!! This is selfish world I am saying about me and all because we don’t care.still my pocket is empty so while writing comments about others atlest react like human because still we all humans not God!!!

  3. Hi yes Kavin is using others to win the game. Today Vanitha said valid point Kavin is a fake person should send him out .. so annoying person in bbh shit bcoz of him no interest to watch BB

  4. Kavin is totally right now what he is doing is very much fine
    On that day u guys voted for kavin and saved
    And sent vanitha out now u guys are feeling she is rgt what is this be mature guys plz……

    • You should not comment on other personal life.
      So pls comment like human because she is also mother for 2kids.
      While typing this comment you first think about that kids.

  5. Actually Vanitha has a point.Kavin and Sandy were getting emotional unnecessarily.Then again kavin is saying his points from his view..though it sounds a bit ridiculous..I have to agree the fact that himself,Tharshan,Mugen and Sandy are friends..a strong bond has been created among some sort of emotions will be there..then again,at the end of the day,it is still a game show like Vanitha said.Each and every person should fight,and each and every person has the right to win.There’s no need to support another person.Already 70 days have passed.The competition should heat up!and I can’t really see that in Kavin or Losliya as the both of them are in their own world.What Vanitha said,was I have to admit is true,the fact that Kavin and Sandy were getting too emotional,during the nomination time,was unnecessary,but you see that’s the problem when a bond is created.They get emotional.Another thing is that I feel that Kavin is somewhat trying to gain sympathy from the audience and he’s using Tharshan,Mugen and losliya.I could be wrong,but i don’t know.This whole kavin and Losliya issue could have been avoided..but they dragged it until it had got too out of hand to control.If only they were more focused on the game.How come Sherine is still going strong?cos she knows her limit.I’m sorry to say this but both Kavin and Losliya should be out of bigg boss.They just do not know the importance of the game and do not possess the fighting
    Spirit.Then only the rest of the housemates will play the game with much anticipation.

  6. What vanitha said is true…this is not a park to show their lover story to the whole world…if he wants someone else to win then that place cud have been given to so eone who deserves to be in the game….cunning boys…whats wrong with tarshan he worked in US for 5 yrs earned well and he is a model…this world has peoplewho are suffering and victims of abuse …he hasnt faced any problems worse than others…if he wins big boss then tamilnadu is stating the fact that we dont have a proper tamilian who can win the title so we wi pass it on to some random guyfrom srilanka…this is ridiculous…

  7. Not going to lie but I hate vanitha so much. Every time I see her I just want to punch that bitch face of hers so badly. People don’t realise this enough but she is the reason why everyone had a fight with madhumita. Madhumita was one of my favourite contestants and I was so upset at the way she left big boss. I’m just so annoyed vanitha is still in the big boss house. She may give good advice and care about the contestants but she is one arrogant bitch. You can tell bigg boss is scripted by making this week no eviction after she became captain.

  8. It is beyond disbelief that Vanitha complicates every opinion that one naturally owns as an individual competitor of BigBoss3. Kavin rightfully shares his thoughts for nomination, and be it right or wrong we as the audience should own the right to be the outsider to make that decision. However Vanitha takes any opportunity it seems to butt in and take over as if she was the person who wrote the rules for BigBoss3. The truth is there is no element of what makes somebody win BigBoss or what the nature of the game is. That is the art of the show, that individuals are given the opportunity to naturally explore the openess and limitations of a relationship. That is what opens to all this voyeurism. Vanitha has a personality disorder, where she attacks others with her thoughts. If she truly believed in playing the game, then she shouldn’t allow room for emotions as such as anger and just win the tasks. It enlightens me how much Indian audiences think a women being bold like this is what is needed. Being bold is not about raising one’s voice and malignantly booting other people out the way. If she is so opinionated and hated Kavin even before entering then why is she advising him. Sherin was right. She advised Kavin that he could compete and still be in love. If Losliya and Kavin love each other, that should not be of any irritation to the viewers! You could only hope it is as fruitful as it seems. The whole of bigboss and co have been rooting for their relationship and at times Kamal has been stirring up more trouble by exploring things said behind people’s backs. On a psycholgical level these people have been subjected to a mental torture for 70days and Vanitha adds fuel to it every time she opens her mouth. She is so arrogant and thinks she knows best in every situation and knows how to carry it confidently…that is all!

  9. How much ever the media and film fraternity try to sling mud on Boyz gang and Losliya too support cheran, people will not give them up. True Love, friendship, sacrifices and honesty is only in the boys gang and Losliya. Cheran’s dishonesty is clearly visible at all times when he keeps his mouth shut during overreactions of Vanitha. He silently enjoys when she fights them.

  10. First of all Vanita is in no shoes to comment on anyone. She is bossy and like to rule everyone. Kavin and Losliya have forgot they are in a show so they should be out. Sherin acts she is innocent. Cheran should not take anything personal as this is not going to be his permanent house. Sandy is just a jovial person no harms to any one. The most genuine persons in this house is Mugen and Tharsan. Both of them are the ones who should stay till the end.

  11. Correct assessment of the game Fully agree with you Kavin and Losliya should be chased away from this show
    Losliya has lost a chance of a lifetime she will definitely regret

  12. Mugen should not be voted as he is a strong contestant. He and Tharsan is the one who speaks in Tamil. Salute to both of them as one comes from Sri Lanka and one from Malaysia. Good job guys.

  13. For once I support Vanitha……she is spot on about Kavin and Losliya……Kavin deserves a lesson of being grateful to be in BB3 instead of whining everyday about wanting to leave

  14. I don’t agree ..kavin has his own views and he is not acting..Vanitha is too much..she cannot others emotions..she was very dominating and controlling..hate her.

  15. I don’t agree ..kavin has his own views and he is not acting..Vanitha is too much..she cannot judge others emotions..she was very dominating and controlling..hate her.

  16. kavin is just telling his opinion from my point of view everyone can tell their opinion but then Vanita always talking as she is the only person did right thing.. If we really analyze and see from what he trying to tell that some of people in BB3 has gone so many difficulties so he wants them to win it will be life changing things in their life but certain people in BB3 very famous and well known in the industry.. He just telling that it would be great to see some1 like Darshan ,Mugen wins would be great & whatever Darshan gone thru in his life not because his own decision it’s because he was in that country (as kavin said he didn’t make decision to have all those issue and problems) but whatever happened in Vanita’s life it’s solely her decision (her marriage decision and all the issue arise from there & other issues ; repeatedly wrong decision makes her suffer till now)but then now she saying tt no one suffered as her and all her experience In her life;people should remember that decision making very important & our own mistakes will leads to issues n problems so you are liable to solve it without complaining & blaming 3rd person.. For me it’s can’t be acceptable as well.. If Vanita is in the nomination for this week definitely she is the one will be out.. As losliya said I also felt that she trying create sympathy on her even she knows she won’t be out because she is the leader for the week.. For me A person who genuinely playing is only Mugen. BB3 CONTESTANTS required just play the game & do their part without unnecessary fights and arguments; People would definitely will know who is the right person to be winner so if they just play their games .. Definitely they will get what they deserve without asking..?

  17. It’s so boring to see Losliya and Kavin not in the game, both of the are in their own world, so why waste time, leave to people wants play and win the game, this is not love centre to match make. Losliya for no respect for anyone. She is annoying to been seen

    • Losliya mentioned Mugen and Sherine for the nomination saying that they do not deserve to be in Bigg boss..but my question is,Is Losliya deserving to be in the bigg boss until the finals??

  18. What vanitha say is really true.. what purpose kavin is in BB3 instead if he want to let friends to win the title.. better can go out and let the oppurtunity to others to grab the chance and win.. no need to create sympathy scene all here.. and losliya is one of biggest shame symbol of srilanka.. your country is 100% trust on you and voting for you to win to keep up the good name of your country , but what are doing, for you BB3 is gameshow or love unite show.. Really shame on you.. earliest im one of your big fan.. but now im the first person mostly annoying to see your face.. Mugen please keep up your spirit and win the title brother.. Dharshan who can speak out the truth, BUT why are you mostly silent in your own friends issue but VOICE out when others and vanitha giving opinion.. Voice out for good things and all matters not keep SILENT in own friends issue.. My ever votes will goes to Sherin, Mugen , Cheran.. Throw out acting king KAVIN..

  19. Yes vanitha is correct.she talk correctly.kavin and losliya misleading youngsters.actually both of them wasted in big boss game.they playing some another game(love game) in big boss house.please throw them big irritating character and showing bad habbits to public.first throw them.


  21. they have no rights to stay in bigboss house also they remove the battery of mic its very big mistake pls getout them from bigboss its very big request …..

  22. Helooo makkalea kavinukku velila ivlo problem avan kudumpamea mosamana situation la irukku appadi irukkum pothu ethukku mathavankalukkaaka sacrifice pannanum….oru vela ivan love pandra ponna frnds kka vittu kudupana….makkal avanai thappa ninaikka koodathunu act pandran


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