Bigg Boss 3 Tamil September 19 – Sandy Pushes Losliya in the game, Kavin gets angry and Tharshan defends Sandy Promo Video 1

sandy pushes losliya bigg boss spetember 19

The ticket to finale challenges continue to Bigg Boss 3 Tamil on September 19, 2019. This is Day 88 in the house and we see a new challenge in which Sandy pushes Losliya. Losliya says its ok but Kavin gets angry saying Sandy should move and run, just not do it purposefully. Sandy gets emotional says it was an accident and he is not doing it personally. But kavin argues that he is seeing and he knows that Sandy is doing personally, again Sandy says he jumped but didn’t do it personally. Tharshan defends Sandy saying this is game and noone is doing anything wantedly but Kavin still argues asking “Why should I lie?”. We will have to wait and watch what happens tonight.

kavin fights with sandy bb september 19
Sandy is leading the ticket to finale challenges with Mugen, you can know more about the stats here while Kavin is at last.


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