Bigg Boss 3 Tamil September 18 – Task Intensifies for Ticket to Finale Week, Losliya Injured Promo Video


There was a buzz on Twitter about the tasks provided in Bigg Boss 3 Tamil compared to Bigg Boss 3 Telugu, apparently people felt tasks in Tamil BB are weaker. Looks like the creators have heard about it and have made the tasks tougher for Ticket to Finale Week. The September 17 Day 87 promo shows all the contestants running in a circle with a bag containing Cotton pieces, sparkles. Each contestant should pull the other person bag and empties and whoever has the most in the end wins the task. This would be the fifth task in Ticket to Finale week competition.

bigg boss 3 tamil september 18 2019
Everyone was seen running with bag and pulling each other, apparently Losliya and Sherin gets injured in the task. Sherin’s injury is nursed by Chera while Losliya seems to be in lot of chain. Since Losliya, Sherin, Cheran and Kavin are already nominated they are fighting intensely to win the ticket. Who will win the ticket? Save your favourite contestant by checking the Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Voting Online page


  1. Kavin is a big 420 in housemates he is spoiling sherin’s name in BB that nonsense should come out. This losliya stupid she have two sisters not thinking about there life


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