Bigg Boss 3 Tamil September 18 – Kavin vs Tharshan fight erupts, Losliya supports Kavin Promo Video

bigg boss kavin vs tharshan

Bigg Boss season 3 Tamil Day 87 September 18 starts with a game where contestants are running and circle and pulling each other to win the race. We see Tharshan running first without pulling anyone while Kavin on the other hand doing foul play by pulling Tharshan to win the race.

While Kavin used to say I want my friends to win we see him doing foul play by pulling Tharshan which contradicts his statements. Losliya was seen supporting Kavin saying everyone did it, Tharshan specifically pointed out Kavin and how he did it while the others were playing it properly. So did Kavin do foul play? Comment below.


  1. I have been staying it I think about 10 times that Kavin is a cunning playing dirty game. He cheat people to win the title. If he is genuine he will concern about others feeling. Did you all see that he try to create romantic scene with Sheree? That is typically for the public to see him as Los try to ignore him he got no choice but to create scene with Sheree. What a cheap character. Oh god can’t stand him

  2. Since it is bigg boss house he stayed out of washroom otherwise he would have entered with sherin that dirty person he is
    God knows y people save him every time
    Saravanan was taken out of house just because of some comments he passed that he had in his teenage days but kavin he is doing live n people who spoke through twitter during that time are quiet now

  3. Kavin is playing a game where he knows his boundaries and whoever falls fr his antiques loses and out of the game.
    Everyone has different strategies and i find his a bit awkward but it works well to eliminate so many faces hahaha

  4. Kavin is the bloddy character. He try to make us a fool . And loslija also the characterless girl because her parents said to losliya that to avoid the kavin relationship but now what is she doing?. She always being with kavin and try to take care of him and support to him. So she hasn’t respect her family. She cheated her family members. They will lost their repect in the society because of losliya.


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