Bigg Boss 3 Tamil September 17 – Tharshan targeting Cheran and Kavin saying they act for people’s Vote Promo Video

bigg boss tharshan targeting cheran

Bigg Boss Tamil September 17 second promo video is out which shows Cheran and Kavin targeted by Tharshan. The first question being who is the person without individual thinking and uniqueness, who always hides among group and survive and Tharshan selects Kavin for that and pours liquid in his flask. Kavin was shown asking why me and then Cheran was shown laughing at this.
bigg boss tharshan targeting kavin

The second question was who acts for gaining people’s vote and again Tharshan selects Kavin and Cheran, while Cheran asked can I know why you selected me, Tharshan was seen laughing at it. Who else will get selected for such questions, we will have to wait and watch tonight’s episode.

We should note that both Kavin and Cheran are nominated for this week’s eviction.


  1. Kavin Is Playing A Very Good Game, By Tricking Other People And Even The Public.
    To Feel Sorry For Him. He Is A Good Con-Artist. After All He Is An Actor. He Knows How And When To Play The Game.

    As For Losliya, She Has Broke Her Father Faith In Her. She Has Not Change In Any Way.
    A Good And Warning Advice From Her Father, Still She Is Going Back To Old Ways.

    Both, Kavin And Losliya, Don’t Deserve To Winners In Bigg Boss Show.

    As For Cheran, Is A Family Man. Love Is Family Members, Very Much. Surely He Will Treat Others As His Family Member, Show His Father-hood Love. A Good Soul.

    As For Sherin, She Is Just Doing Her Best In Playing Honest, In Her Way.

    Yes, I Do Agree Bigg Boss Is For Game Show, In What Way To Win, That Is the Question.
    Be Honest, Be One Self Truly To Themself.
    Not By Playing Dirty Behind Other People Back.

  2. Losliya is not truthful to her own parents so how can you expect her to be a truthful person … Mugen deserves to be the title winner … Tharshan has very well moulded himself to play the game and win at any cost … hope he doesn’t lose his fan base by being too harsh on others

  3. Tharshan has put in more work than any other contestant

    1st place: Tharshan
    2nd place: Sandy
    3rd place:Mugen
    4th place: Kavin

    this four will be the top four contestants in finals


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