Bigg Boss 3 Tamil September 16 – Ticket to Finale Task, Everyone fighting hard to win Promo Video

bigg boss season 3 ticket to finale

Bigg Boss Season 3 Tamil Day 85 starts with a huge announcement from Bigg Boss. There will be series of tasks this week and whoever wins the task will earn them a dire “ticket to finale”. They cannot be eliminated and will reach final week directly. There are various physical intensive task and Sandy is seen provoking Kavin saying “once he starts playing game properly things will be interesting”. The contestants were seen asking why they deserve the finals spot and each of them were seen giving answers to that showing everyone is eager to enter the finals.

Physical tasks like Tug of war (pulling a rope across two teams), then running task were shown in the promo video. Cheran was seen saying that he needs this direct ticket to finale. Kavin was once again seen uninterested in the game while Cheran is seen provoking him. Let’s see what happens at the end of the this episode and who gets nominated for this week’s eviction will be know.
bigg boss season 3 tamil september 16


  1. Yes Sandy and Sherine shd be eleminated this week cos and also Thurstan looks like now they are making big drama and Thurstan is connectedcwith Sherine supporting Sherine love is going on and he is back biting directly Losliya
    trying to evict by giving captaincy last week which he played a real drama watch all video properly Thurstan cannot say who should be evicted next week like this directly put their mid set down LOSLIYA IS VERY TRUE playin well she keeps her decent clothing and respectful family background even she liked Kawin Did not Touch him in any day as love she washed the head when he was egg smell that was help to friend in among game thats it Sherine totaly fake funny way to approach viewers she is behind Thurstan and they r both loving

  2. I choose Losliya to be selected for finals LOSLIYA SHD WIN THE TITLE to save her family good name and she is the one deserve for Final ticket

  3. Sherine should have been out last time itself. She escaped. How is the Million Dollar question. Hope BB doesn’t repeat. the rest of the group can do their best to enter the finals.


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