Bigg Boss 3 Tamil September 13 – Sherin’s Mom and Sister Enters Bigg Boss house, makes fun of Sandy and Mugen

sandy sherin mother

This is the promo video 3 of Bogg Boss 3 Tamil September 13, which is day 83. We see Sherin’s mother and sister entering Bigg Boss house, it makes Sherin very happy. We could see her mother making fun of Sandy, asking him why he is targeting her daughter and makes everyone laugh. She hugs Losliya and ask her to stay the same.

mugen with sherin sister

sherin mother losliya

Then Mugen is seen talking to Sherin’s sister and for fun she was seen dancing with Mugen, then Sherin’s mom said don’t do it Abhirami will get angry and it makes everyone laugh. She evokes laughter among all the contestants.



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