Bigg Boss 3 Tamil September 11 Day 80 – Cheran comes back to BB House, Is Kavin Disappointed? Promo Video 1

bigg boss 3 tamil september 11

Bigg Boss 3 Tamil day 80 starts with a bang, All the housemates was asked to freeze and suddenly the door of Bigg Boss house opened. We see Cheran walking inside the house and all the housemates looks happy. Sherin was the one who got so excited and ran to him to hug him, followed by Vanitha. Cheran hugs Losliya as they both share a father-daughter relationship. He calls her “chakarakatti” and Losliya looks genuinely happy for Cheran’s return. Now everyone understood Cheran was in secret room and listening to what everyone was doing and talking.

bigg boss 3 tamil september 11

bigg boss 3 cheran comes back from secret room

bigg boss 3 cheran hugs contestants

Then Kavin gives a formal handshake to Cheran, while Tharshan lifts him. Everyone looks genuinely happy about Cheran’s return, Is Kavin happy or does it interrupts his plan with Losliya. We have to wait and watch tonight September 11, 2019.

bigg boss 3 cheran hugs losliya

bigg boss 3 Tharshan lifts cheran


  1. Kavin gets high votes, though his performance and attitude is not good. It means, some voting arrangements already made before he entered BB house. Votes polled are not real reflection of People.

    Kamal sir and Vijay TV, please change Voting pattern.

  2. எல்லாம் திட்டமிட்டபடி நடாத்துகின்றார்கள்,எல்லாம் பொய்.


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