Bigg Boss 3 Tamil September 10, 2019 Day 79 – Mugen’s mother and sister enters Bigg Boss house, gets a shock of his life Promo Video

bigg boss tamil mugen family

Bigg Boss season 3 Tamil September 10, 2019 is the day 79 which started with a shocking Mugen’s face as the door of Bigg Boss house opened. Then Mugen gets a surprise of his life, his mother entered the Bigg Boss house. Mugen couldn’t control his happiness, hugged his mother and even carried her throughout the house. He introduced her to his friends in the house and we could see Losliya smiling. Cheran was hearing all these from secret room crying, he got emotional seeing Mugen reuniting with his family.

mugen surprised
Another surprise awaited Mugen, his sister entered the Bigg Boss house next. Mugen couldn’t contain his happiness, hugged her and lifter her, carrying her throughout the house. This shows Mugen’s love and affection for his sister and mother. We earlier reported that Abhirami met Mugen’s mother and sister, their photos were going viral online. So the promo video ends in a happy note. Don’t forget to save your favourite Bigg Boss contestant by voting online, more information about Bigg Boss Vote here.
mugen mother

cheran crying seeing mugen family


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