Bigg Boss 3 Tamil October 2 Day 101 – Sherin’s Love Letter causes Tharshan’s eviction? Is Sherin trying to win sympathy votes?

bigg boss 3 tamil day 101

Bigg Boss season 3 Tamil Day 101 is full of drama and this episode is entirely focused on how Tharshan was evicted from the house and who is responsible for the eviction. Vanitha says because of the love letter that Sherin wrote to Tharshan he gets evicted as people cannot tolerate such infidelity and affairs. She says Sherin is solely responsible for Tharshan’s eviction and Sherin couldn’t tolerate this. She is crying and it may even be a tactic to win sympathy which we are not sure. Is Sherin genuine with her feelings or she used this letter to smudge Tharshan’s character and in the end get him evicted. If she has planned all this then she has won it and Vanitha has exposed it, if not this is all purely coincidental. Kasthuri and others are supporting Sherin that Vanitha is blowing things up. We have to wait and watch tonight’s episode to know more about this.


  1. Big Boss Season 3 eviction is not happening as per public votes we public think… because Tharshan is the only tough contestant for winning title….. Big boss wants Sandy to win the title as he his from Chennai…so only Tharshan they evicted… Cheating Big Boss


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