Bigg Boss 3 Tamil – Kavin walks out of Bigg Boss house tonight Video

kavin walks out of bigg boss house

The third promo video of Bigg Boss 3 Tamil September 25 is out now, this is day 94 and everyone is seen sitting listening to Bigg Boss announcement. Bigg Boss announces that only one of them has the opportunity to win fifty lakhs and if anyone wants they can walk out of the Bigg Boss house tonight with five lakhs. No one was getting up and finally we could see Kavin getting up and everyone including Losliya is shocked seeing him taking five lakhs and walking out of the house. What will happen tonight ?

Is Kavin walking out of Big Boss 3 house? Comment below.
bigg boss 3 tamil september 25 kavin walks out


  1. Pls don’t send Kavin out side he’s the one an only open book open minded in big boss house, nobody is deserved to the tittle of big boss season 3 except Kavin….if it’s true the show will be so boring….

  2. sad to see Kavin leave the Bigg Boss.
    Kavin you will be successful in life
    Peoples dirty mind and ugly comments .proves that they from that type category people
    Joke the way they comment as though they have never loved anyone .
    Kavin true friend ship and true love
    we still support you
    you are always leading in the top .you will see that once you are out .


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