Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Elimination Voting: Which Contestants Face Danger for the Seventh Elimination?


Bigg Boss Tamil 3 completed 50 days this week and the show is setup for some sensational twists in the coming days. The entry of the first wild card entry, Kasthuri Shankar and the reentry of the controversial contestant Vanitha Vijayakumar, changes the dynamics of the house.

However, Kasthuri and Vanitha are safe from eliminations this week. Fathima Babu, Vanitha, Meera, Mohan Vaidya, Reshma and Sakshi are eliminated so far. This week’s eliminations will be one of the most interesting in Bigg Boss Tamil 3 as of now.

Which Contestants Will Be Eliminated This Week in Bigg Boss 3 Tamil?

Losliya makes her second appearance in the list of nominations for elimination this week. However, Losliya’s ‘Army’ is expected to plunge into action and save the most loved contestant of this season by a huge margin. This is evident from the audience votes presented to contestants facing elimination on Day 1. Losliya led the last week’s elimination list with a huge margin over Abirami and Sakshi.


Abirami faced elimination weeks ago due to a single vote but this time she is facing the risk of eviction for the second week in a row now.  She is fighting it at the bottom right from the day 1 of audience voting. The fans of Mugen Rao are touting for Abirami’s eviction as they believe that Mugen is not playing his game with full focus because of Abirami’s influence in the house. Considering Mugen’s spat with Abirami this week, Abirami is the most likely contestant to be eliminated this week. Abirami asked Bigg Boss to evict her immediately after her nominations. However, the Bigg Boss mentioned that it is in the hands of the people.


Mugen Rao is one of the most loved contestants in Bigg Boss Tamil 3, after Dharshan and Losliya. Mugen’s temper issues seems to be a cause of concern. However, Mugen’s fans are likely to save him this week by a huge margin.

Kavin, the playboy of Bigg Boss Tamil 3 is at risk this week. Sakshi’s elimination leaves him with just Losliya in the house. His fan base is huge and is expected to save him but for how long? We will be eager to watch.

Madhumita is nominated for eliminations this week. Inspite of her positive image, she will be battling it out in the bottom of the nominations list with Abirami considering the competition at stake.

Total Votes for each contestant facing elimination as of Day 1

Mugen Rao – 91480 votes

Losliya – 64783 votes

Kavin – 63171 votes

Madhumita – 48349 votes

Abirami – 19731 votes

The voting pattern shows that Abirami is trailing by a huge margin right from day 1. However, we have to wait and watch.

How to Vote and Save Your Favorite Contest in Big Boss Tamil 3?

The News Crunch’s exclusive report on the voting procedure for Big Boss Tamil 3 is accessible here – CLICK HERE!

Voting Line Numbers for Missed Call Voting This Week:

To save your favorite Tamil Bigg Boss Contestant this week, give a missed call to the below mentioned mobile numbers:

Contestant Missed Call Number
  Vote for Mugen Rao 8367796808
Vote for Losliya 8367796805
Vote for Madhumitha 8367796806
Vote for Kavin 8367796804
Vote for Abhirami Venkatachalam 8367796801


Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Voting Deadline is between Monday to Friday every week. Live voting status is displayed on Vijay TV during the daily episodes.

Voting for your favorite contestants will end on Saturday night.


  1. why nobody understand abhirami situation? she is real and truthful due to that she is emotionally affected. but all the boys are thinking they are going to win and purposly put abhirami for the eviction. it is our responsibility to save her and evict mugen or losliya.

    Mugen is not revealed anthing to her fully and abhirami does not know his lover durga also. so do you think mugen is number one in his charecter? think wisely and vote for abhirami and save her from the aviction.

    think wisely and fight for the truths.

    • Abi seeking for itchy love even after mugen told her that he have girl. Dont support for that girl. Where is her dignity as girl? Big boss not a platform for loving. Its to prove who you are. To bring out your talent and to learn more wonderful things.

    • Hai ….but he have advise abirami that he have a crush on Malaysia n turka is his attai ponnew…don’t listen to that stupid vanithas words n put all the false into Mugen…every time Bigg boss show relevant to abi n mugans issue. .that Mugen have clearly advise to abi that he have an crush in Malaysia n he respects abi as a good fren…n no more then that ..n abi the one continuely saying that she love him n Mugen does not….do u clear now…if u never clear plz c back the old episode

  2. Madhu excellent she asked perfectly to losliya n kavin. These 2 are no1 culprits inside. Superb Guts to stand against them.

  3. For one thing we can conclude from watching Bigg Boss Tamil, human behaviour pattern.

    It is mere stupidity to include Vanitha. Since she is provocative personally, she should not be allowed.

    I stopped watching it.

  4. My view sgsin & again, feel vad over targeting 3 foreign contestants. Kavin mostly clear pictures playboy but y vanitha never attack him.
    2nd point…abhi should understand this is bigg boss show which 100 n thousand world widd watching, how come she witout feel shamed downgrade mugen by saying :I loved him, no natter 1 sided”. So y vanitha can throw mugen manipulating her.

  5. What is going on bigg boss house kamal sir Don wanna ask anything Abhirami is fake n she is mental, what happen to madhu n cheran bout of them also fake?

  6. What is going on in Bigg boss why kamal sir Don wanna ask anything Abhirami is fake n mental? Madhu n cheran also over acting?

  7. Why Vanitha entered in big boss house she only guest roll only but she doing lot of noise in this big boss house kamal sir pls return Vanitha back

  8. Madhu is correct.. losliyaku pinnadi pesuradhu pidikadhu solluchu ippo mattum boys kuda sernthukitu pinnadi pesudhu ippo pudichiruka… losliya original face come out she is fake…. kavin & sandy worst behavior


  9. Mathu fake react few day.because
    Abi ippo danger zone irukka first reason madhu.first abi character thappa focus pannathu mathu.nadula kuda motta kaduthasi visam pesi upset pannitu.abi fulla mind divert pannathu mathu ipo summa fake react pannarenga.

  10. Mudhu is excellent. She should not go out . If she goes no one see the big boss, whatever she ask to kavin.till now happening outside of bb. Kavin should go out

  11. My vote for mugen
    Mugen, darshan, sandy, kavin, losliya are best in bigg boss house….. madhu show her real face after vanitha come to bigg boss house madhu, cheran,kasturi and abi they are changed they self…. All thy now support to vanitha…. The most poisonous snake in the world is vanitha….. Cheran sir also changed…..kavin, Los, mugen, thars, sandy master now star in this bigg boss house…. vanitha plssss get out frm bb3 house… We don’t want ur stay in bb h…

  12. Kavin is the Gang leader now. He doesn’t give any respect to the girls. Love 4 girls is game? So he can use girls for games. Stupid. Why he didn’t use boys. THis is a disgusting and is a bad example for others.
    Next he give nick names and sang ( kaka) against ladies. All over the world is watching this game and he spoil 2 ladies reputation. Because of him his gang also passing comments against 2 ladies. Loosliya showed her original character. Always with boys. Is she a tamil girl? Bigg boss should send Kavin.

  13. Comment:my vote for mugen i love you and 5 fav member mugen ,sandy,tharsan,losliya,kavin all the best i support formugen group ummma and mudhu show her real fave to people today kastoori is very danger dweel dash dash…….

  14. y nobody understand madhu’s point of view, there, she is not fighting for her, she felt that girls are wound because of boys, but all the girls are playing very carefully, they want sympathy as well as they cant cut their friendship with boys, very very worst behaviour, they are not 15 or 16 yr old to fall down infatuation on guys all are matured, this is a gud platform to them to utilise but nobody, losliya route is clear now because of sakshi evicted, how could losliya b like that, she backbites others but showing she is absolutely gud, kasthuri should stand and fight with loyal with them, you are the only deserved now.

  15. I don’t know what this Kasthuri is trying to prove.Saying that Cheran sir has a crush on Sherine.What a sick mind she has.From my point of view,Cheran sir never did once behave like that with Sherine.She’s just trying to create cheap publicity and trying to degrade Cheran sir’s name.She’s probably too free and has nothing better to do.Get a life kasthuri!!!My God!!!


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