Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Day 61 August 23 – Cheran Becomes The New Captain Safe from Elimination ? New Promo Video

bigg boss 3 tamil cheran captain

This is one of the most important Promo video of this week’s Bigg Boss as it directly affects the elimination of 9th week of Bigg Boss. This video shows the process of selecting captain for this upcoming week. The competition is between Losliya, Cheran and Sandy. Housemates have to pick from a bowl between these three names and whose names comes five times will become the next Captain of the house.

Cheran and Sandy Safe from Elimination

There was a tough competition between Cheran and Sandy as both their names were picked up 4 times at one point, Losliya was out of the race as her name was picked only once. The competition ended with Kasthuri picking Cheran’s name for the 5th time and he becomes the next captain of the house. Cheran becoming the captain ensures that he is safe from getting eliminated and he cannot be nominated for next week’s elimination. Sandy is leading the vote as we reported earlier and is safe from elimination.

If Cheran is safe from elimination by becoming captain of the house, who will be the next person to get eliminated? Share your thoughts here.



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