Bigg Boss 3 Tamil August 29 – Boys Gang continues to mock Kavin, Is this a tactic to eliminate Kavin? Day 67 Highlights

bigg boss 3 boys gang against kavin

We saw in the previous video how Kavin was mocked by Sandy during the villupaatu challenge, while everyone including Losliya was laughing at him. The boys gang seem to continue mocking Kavin where Sandy again lead the gang making fun of Kavin when he asked for safety pin to help Losliya.

Looks like Sandy is playing a game to eliminate Kavin the same way he did to eliminate Madhumitha from Bigg Boss two weeks ago. The boys Mugen, Tharshan have joined him and are making Kavin a laughing stock. Will Kavin get agitated and fight with the gang. What would be Losliya’s reaction for all these? We have to watch tonight episode. Let’s hope it gets better as this week was a bit off in terms of Bigg Boss housemates.



  1. I don’t know where this will lead to…my guess is eventually all the boys are going to turn on each other.It’s rather’s the ultimate fight for survival.I just hope that compared to kavin,Tharshan and Sandy..Mugen will control his temper, this can actually lead to,…I don’t even wanna say that word.

  2. Out of the 4 boys Sandy might lose his position. I feel BB has purposely sent Vanitha for this!! She is all out to split the boys. She is also setting up Tharshan against Sherin. This woman must go out soon.She can’t expect the others to accept all what she says.

  3. Kakoos kavin song ;
    Naanga gumbalaha suthuvom kakoos layae kathuvom.
    Aenda kathurenu kta una nomination panuvom.
    Unga kakkos kavin rmba bayangaram,Avana paatha losliya mayangi vilunthudum,Sakshi um sernthu vilunthudum,Aunty abirami um sernthu vilunthudum.


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