Bigg Boss 3 Tamil August 27 Day 65 – Losliya is confronted by Cheran in front of Others Promo Video 3

cheran confronts losliya bigg boss 3 tamil august 27

This is the most interesting promo video of all the three promo videos of Bigg Boss Season 3 Tamil August 27, 2019. In this video Losliya is questioned by Tharshan regarding backstabbing of Cheran last week by nominating the so called father figure. He asks why did she cry after nominating Cheran and if she cannot withstand this how can she move to finals.

Losliya said she told Cheran she will not nominate him the previous night but went on to nominate him for elimination after talking with Kavin and hence she cried over that. Cheran using that opportunity confronted her if she got influenced by someone else to nominate him and Kavin got stunned by this confrontation as Losliya was not able to answer it.

Will Losliya accept the fact that Kavin influenced her to nominate Cheran? Will there be more twists in tale? Let’s wait for tonight’s episode. Here is the promo video



  1. Losliya you really stupid and follow by Kavin then how to be winner for bbhouse. You think we all stupid are watching the show. You have no backbone then how to be a winner . Losliya please come out instead of backstabbing Cheran sir .you are not trustworthy to be a winner . Dont show all srilankan girls are stupid like you. please get out of the house. Enough is enough!


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