Bigg Boss 3 Tamil August 26 Day 64 – Mugen, Tharshan, Cheran nominates Kavin for Eviction – Did the boys gang betray him?

bigg boss 3 tamil august 26 promo video 1

Bigg Boss 3 Tamil seems to have lots of twists with the latest being the boys gang which consists of Mugen and Tharshan betraying Kavin by nominating him for eviction. The reasons given by them for eviction nomination seemed unreasonable. Mugen Rao says Kavin stood by him during the issue with Abhirami still he feels that Kavin is doing something wrong these days and hence nominating him, on the other hand Tharshan says Kavin forced Losliya to remove microphone and hence he is nominating him.

Cheran on the other hand says Kavin is not concentrating on Bigg Boss game while spending time to impress Losliya. Is Cheran taking revenge on Kavin as Losliya backstabbed him with Kavin last week? What are your thoughts? Do you think it’s right to nominate Kavin for this week’s eviction?

Will this change the relationship betweem Kavin and five member gang. Will it break it or they will still stay strong? Let’s wait and watch. Here is the promo video


  1. Kavin is a fox and needs to be evicted. His main purpose is to distract Losliya and advice others and not listening to others.

  2. kavin think he is a Romeo .Kavin please stop wispering to Losliya .when you are talking to losliya ,your voice so irritating.please stop that . Losliya ,you went from srilanka to find a man in India or play Bigg Boss game.Losliya please listen to Cheran sir advice and Kamal sir advice. you are still focusing Kavin only,but you only change the place to romance with Kavin. I am a srilankan woman too but i never see a girl only sit with boys.Losliya shame on you stop that nonsence. Losliya when someone is advicing you laughing is smart idea stop that .

  3. This is a game and can’t see favouritism. Also Kavin did a mistake by removing the microphone battery. Anyway Vijay TV is not going eliminate Kavin even the voters give the votes for eviction.

  4. Kavin needs to be directly eliminated without nomination…. but Bigg Boss will never do it because Sandy and Kavin are Vijay TV Products and one of them only will win the show……Total eyewash show


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