Bigg Boss 3 Tamil – A twist in tale, Kavin may win the ‘Ticket to Finale’ with Bigg Boss’s help, Will he Vote below

Mugen Kavin bigg boss tamil 3 winners

As of 20 September Kavin is at last position on Bigg Boss ‘Ticket to Finale’ tasks. He is at position on number 7 with 18 points while Mugen is at position no. 1 with 38 points. There may be a twist in tale which we will know by this weekend that may end up with Kavin winning the ticket to Finale. Kavin has broken two eggs Sherin’s egg and Sandy’s egg and Bigg Boss is yet to assign any points for both. They may end up giving 10 to 15 points for breaking each egg which would catapult Kavin to first place in the ticket to finale tasks with 38 to 48 points and ultimately winning Ticket to Finale.

At the same time Mugen has worked so hard to win all challenges to lead the points table. It will be unfair to see him not winning Ticket to Finale, it’s upto Bigg Boss to decide who will go to finale week. Vote now if Mugen or Kavin deserves ‘Ticket to Finale’ below.

Who deserves ‘Ticket to Finale’?

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  1. Was daily looking into this site. After seeing this news I feel like author is giving his personal opinion rather than what is actually happening….showing hatredness towards Kavin in this post.
    I can go to twitter to read personal views rather than coming here.

    • There is no need for our organization to share our personal views. We are not supporting any contestant nor do we have the need to. Opinions are a part of the news delivery process. That is why news sites or newspapers have an opinions section. Would love to enlighten you further on journalism.

  2. 1st of all how can bb help kavin to win the ticket while game is open to see everyone and points able also visible of each and every tasks? (bunch of fools will think in that way) 2ndly. Shewin will not win ticket. So don’t confuse ur self admin.
    3rdly Losliya is not poisoning, actually she is worries why they are not like before. Poisoning she ring through Darshan.
    This page clearly shows that they supporting Darshan and sherin. Using sandy and Mugen as trupm card.

  3. Physcho kavin don’t know how to behave with woman house mates , following to bathroom also , it’s really irritating to viewers.
    If he behaves the same in outside , life long he will be in jail without Bail.


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