Bigg Boss 3 Tamil 4th October – Losliya asking sorry to her father, Is she trying to win votes? Promo Video

bigg boss 13 day 103 promo 2

Bigg Boss 3 4th October Day 103 second promo video is released and in this video we see Losliya talking to het father through video call. Losliya is seen asking sorry to her father in this call and she is crying saying she is sorry about her behaviour in the house and she will not shame him anymore.

What does Losliya’s sorry mean?
Is Losliya saying she is ready to move on from Kavin and breaking up with him by taking her father’s words. Is she crying to win public votes by gaining sympathy that she really loves her father. What everyone thinks about Losliy’a action, comment below.

Please note that Bigg Boss finale voting close tonight at 12, so make sure to cast 50 votes to your favourite contestant.


  1. Losilya is a DRAMA QUEEN. She is a fake person not sincere at all. THINK BEFORE YOU VOTE FOR HER. SHE DOESN’T DESERVED THE BB TITLE.

  2. Losliya creating sympathy to gain vote she dosent deserves the winner title. He is a drama queen. Compete with others & win the game not by creating sympathy its rather u r begging for it.

  3. Losliya game has to be won by competeting with others not by sympathy. This time Big Boss judgement was not correct there is no ethic in judgement. Tharshan is a good competetor but got eliminated… Losliya dosent play well but still in the house wat a judgement is this… All rubbish..

  4. She is not true for anyone having feelings on someone is her personal tht she could have kept it personal.itself playing cheap character .Mugen d best he is true to all very pure heart guy all d best mugen bro

  5. Losliya should have left the game show long before….i don’t know why people have made her one of the finalist….she is not sincere to anyone. Mugen is the only deserving candidate


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