Bigg Boss 3 Tamil 4th October Day 103 – Kavin and Tharshan enters BB house, Can they help Losliya or Sherin win? Promo Video

bigg boss 3 tamil october 4 2019

Bigg Boss 3 Tamil first promo video for day 103 is out today and we could see all the contestants in the house elated to see Kavin and Tharshan entering Bigg Boss house. Sandy at some point was carrying Tharshan around and it was good to see both Kavin and Tharshan happy.

All the eliminted BB contestants like Abhirami, Fatima Babu seemed to be excited seeing them. They enter the dining area and share food with finalists. Losliya was looking at Kavin with longing eyes while Sherin looked elated to see Tharshan. We have to see if Kavin would appeal to his fans to vote for Losliya and will that make any difference in the final vote count. Similarly it would be interesting to see whom Tharshan supports today for finale, it will be either Sherin or Mugen. This promo ends on an interesting note
losliya looking at kavin bb3 october 4


  1. Let mugen or sandy, win but not losliya,,, voting people pl, vote for proper person who deserves to be,, but not d time passing person like losliya

  2. I want sandy to win as he deserve to be d best nd even mugen, lovely guy,, but not stupid losliya, she will get chances. In love for romantic nd loving scene, as she is well trained in big boss to snatch other persons lover boy kavim


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