Bigg Boss 3 Tamil 30th September, Day 99 – Evicted contestants enters BB House to cheer up the final five contestants, Promo Video

bigg boss 3 tamil 30 september evicted contestants in bigg boss house

Bigg Boss Tamil September 30 first promo is released. In this promo guest arrival is happening. Guests are the contestants who are evicted from the house earlier. The guests are Fathima babu, Mohan vaithya, Reshma Pasupuleti and Meera Mithun. Housemates are in very joyful mood. Everyone is cheering and greeting the guests. Each guests come along with different gifts by their own. In the promo Reshma hugging Mugen and asked everyone about why no one gives food to my son. Which shows the affection of Reshma and mugen throughout the season. Fathima Babu giving a Gold chain to Mugen. He is one of her favourite from day first. Mohan Vaithya carries a food container with him it seems any special food he made for his fellow contestants. Meera Mithun is carries a Bag which seems dress for her favourites. Reshma also arrives a gift box. Guests gives dresses for the housemates that may they are going to wear for finale. Sandy wear a coat and Reshma gives him a cap. Also we can see the guests are giving dresses for all the housemates and they are selecting those dresses. Everyone is in a Festival mood and It looks so fabulous for the audience.

The house feels so empty without the real people’s winner Tharshan. Tharshan is evicted yesterday. Which gives a shock for everyone. Because no one is expecting that he will out. From the day one everyone expect Tharshan will be the title winner. He participated and win in every Tasks that Bigg Boss gave. To replace the impact that made of Tharshan’s Eviction this guest session is really helpful. Lot of unexpected situations are happened last week. Will wait and watch for coming week.


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