Bigg Boss 3 Tamil 30th September 2019 – Reshma shares her motherly love with Mugen Promo Video

mugen reshma motherly love

Bigg Boss Tamil September 28 second promo is released. In this promo Guests who came is staying back inside the house. All of them including housemates are gathered in a room where pictures of memories that events happened from the day one of this season. In promo Reshma is explaining about her relationship with Mugen. She told to Mugen that everyone in this game is longing for love. You are not alone. Mugen is portrayed as he is really longing for love because of his childhood experiences.

He already shared his life experiences with housemates. Based on that Reshma is stated that she is truly loving this boy and you are not orphan anymore. Also she said to Mugen that he has a huge fan support outside and advised him that be himself and be genuine. Mugen stood up and Hugging Reshma as showing his affection as a son to Reshma. Mugen is another deserving contestant to win the title. Again another emotional episode is going to happen today.

In this promos Mugen is highlighted. This shows Mugen is going to be the winner of Bigg boss. Mugen is really talented guy. And he is also hardworking. He won the Golden tickets to finale only because of his courage and hard work. He has the mentality of not giving up, which rise up him to this position. Mugen is the most deserving guy to win the show next to Tarshan.
Hope Mugen is the winner. He is genuinely kind person. He always lending a hand to those in need.


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