Bigg Boss 3 Tamil 2nd October – Vanitha blames Sherin for Tharshan’s eviction, Sakshi fights with Vanitha Promo Video

bigg boss 3 tamil day 101

Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Day 101 fall on 2nd October 2019 with Vanitha entering the Bigg Boss house. Sakshi has joined Vanitha too into the house, Vanitha again brings controversy saying that Tharshan’s elimination from Bigg Boss house is due to Sherin. Vanitha says when she called Sherin having affair with Tharshan she got angry while people showed in result by voting against Tharshan for hill illegal affair. Sherin is shocked to hear that while Sakshi says that’s not true and she shouldn’t talk like that and supports Sherin. Is Vanitha trying to bring down Sherin’s votes by reminding people that she was having affair with Tharshan? We have to wait and watch what happens in tonight’s episode.


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