Bigg Boss 3 Tamil 27 September 2019 – Losliya crying as Kavin left, Tharshan trying to convince Losliya to Stay

bigg boss 3 tamil losliya crying tharshan advice

Bigg Boss Tamil September 27 first promo is released which shows, Losliya is worrying about Kavin’s leaving. Tharshan is consoling Losliya. Losliya is crying and she said to Tharshan that she is not interested to going to finale. Tharshan solace Losliya that it’s just 10 more days. Stay strong and when the game over you can go out and decide what you want.

Any girl with the slightest amount of actual feelings would have given Kavin some kind of commitment. Either she can say her love to him when he leave the house like this. But she is worrying for him after his leaving which gives the picture of a girl who is confused on her relationships. Kavin left & its impact started to affect Losliya. Losliya is the one besides Sandy who strongly believe Kavin should be the finalist. Anyhow we can realize the love and care of Tarshan is showing to Losliya.

Losliya is in very confusion state. She better decide something and stand by it for at least once. If she want to stay for family, then do it instead of telling not interested in going to finals. If she don’t like to stay, pay the fine with her earnings and come out or wait till BB gives offer. That will be better than worrying for silly things.
Any other women in her position would have quit long back but her mental toughness is allowing her to fight. Losliya is teaching viewers why mental strength is million times more important than physical strength. But Kavin and Cheran gives her lot of mental support. When Kavin leaves the house Losliya really fall apart. We can expect Losliya can survive without Kavin in BB house for 10 more days. Will wait and watch, This scene already comes in today unseen video. Then again comes for promo.


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