Bigg Boss 16 voting trends: who will be eliminated this week?


Big Boss 16 aired on the screens, on the 1st of October. Hosted by Salman Khan, there are a lot many fans who wait curiously for different seasons to air! Fans appreciate watching this controversial yet well-known show. Bigg Boss is aired on numerous online platforms too, apart from being aired on the colors channel. 


Bigg Boss fans go crazy for this show to get aired. Fans are always getting a lot of masala and moments of their favorite actors. And even their favorite actors never let go of any moment to entertain their fans and the audience. 


Bigg Boss 16 Voting Trends This Week


The nominations for this week of Bigg Boss season 16 are as follows;

  • Gori
  • Stan
  • Shalin
  • Sreejita
  • Tina


These all players have been nominated from the voting for everyone, by their fans and audiences. It will be surprising to watch who will be out of the Big Boss house after the eviction. 


Danger Zone Contestants This Week


Among all of the nominated players in the house, Bigg Boss house 16, MC Stan is predicted to receive the highest portion of votes! According to the anticipation of fan’s , tina and gori also have the highest chances of not getting out of the bigg boss’s house. And this is because they are so entertaining. 


The rest of them are predicted to be in the danger zone.

Since this is a fan’s anticipation so, one can expect anything. 


Bigg Boss 16 Elimination List – This Week 


16 players are in the Bigg Boss house, trying their best to entertain the audience and to get votes for their parts. 


Sajid Khan

Tina Datta

Shalin Bhanot

Manya Singh

Soundarya Sharma

Nimrit Kaur

Ankit Gupta

Priyanka Chaudhary

Sumbul Touqeer Khan

Sreejita De

Gautam Vig

Gori Nagori

Shiv Thakare

Abdu Rozik

Archana Gautam

MC Stan


Among all these 16 players, 5 of them are nominated. They are 


Gori Nagori

MC Stan

Shalin Banot

Sreejitaa De

Tina Dutta 


The elimination procedures will be executed for all of them. However, the elimination will be held only based on the voting done by the fans and the audience. To vote, the fans can go to the website of the voot app or they can also install the application of voot on their devices. 


There, they can register themselves, and then they can select the candidate they want to watch on the bigg boss house


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