Bigg Boss 15 Voting Online: Seven contestants nomination for elimination in 3rd week, who will get voted out?

Bigg Boss 15 nominations voting 3rd week

Bigg Boss 15 is getting very interesting in the third week itself. Captain Nishant Bhatt nominated eight contestants for breaking the rules in the house. These eight contestants include Umar Riaz, Karan Kundrra, Shamita Shetty, Ishaan Sehgal, Maisha Iyer, Simba Nagpal, Afsana Khan. While these contestants were upset about being nominated, Bigg Boss showed their generosity to these contestants who were homeless from the house, that any four of them could secure themselves.

Bigg Boss created an illusion room for the nominated members of the house and gave four of the eight members a chance to enter this room with mutual consent and with this, Bigg Boss also announced that the four members of the house would be in this illusion room. They can secure themselves from nomination, and with this, the member they are nominating will not get that chance to go inside and nominate or secure themselves.

The contestants who went to this illusion room were Shamita Shetty, Karan Kundra and Afsana Khan. Shamita Shetty went first to this room. When Bigg Boss allowed her to nominate someone else by saving herself, Shamita, nominating herself, sprayed red on her face and stated that she wanted everyone to get a chance.

After Shamita Shetty, Karan Kundra went to the illusion room, and he, too, nominated himself. After Karan, Afsana Khan went to the room, and she changed the whole game. Though the family members tried to stop them, Afsana went inside and, protecting herself, nominated Vishal to be evicted from the house, after which Vishal lost his chance to enter.

After Afsana, one more member of the house had to go to the illusion room, including Umar Riaz, Ishaan Sehgal, Simba Nagpal and Maisha Iyer. But all these four could not reach any suggestion and cancelled the task, after which the contestants of Bigg Boss had to face displeasure once again.

Not four out of 8 but only one contestant Afsana Khan managed to secure herself in the third week of Bigg Boss 15. After the cancellation of this task by Bigg Boss, the remaining seven members were directly nominated by Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss 15 Nominations Week 3

  • Karan Kundra
  • Simba Nagpal
  • Ieshaan Sehgaal
  • Umar Riaz
  • Vishal Kotian
  • Meisha Iyer
  • Shamita Shetty

How to vote for Bigg Boss 15 contestants?

Viewers of Bigg Boss 15 can cast their votes via Voot App to save their favourite contestants. The steps on how to vote for Bigg Boss 15 contestants via Voot App is given below.

  • Download the Voot App from the Play Store
  • Then register your account using email or Facebook ID
  • Once you are done, search for Bigg Boss 15 vote
  • Finally, vote for your favourite contestants by clicking the ‘Vote Now’ button.

You can also vote for your favourite Bigg Boss contestant on the website by going to the Bigg Boss page and clicking on the ‘Vote’ section. Click on your favourite contestant to vote.

Also, Vote at The NewsCrunch unofficial voting poll to share your support for your favourite Bigg Boss 15 contestant.



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