Bigg Boss 15 Voting for Week 2 has six contestants nominated for elimination

Bigg Boss 15 Vote Week 2

Sahil Shroff was evicted from the house on the first weekend of TV’s most controversial show Bigg Boss 15. Since then, the rest of the contestants were seen befriending each other in the house to avoid nominations. But the Bigg Boss show is the only one where friendship turns into enmity in a moment. Those who were together till yesterday, their displeasure can be seen after the nomination.

Today Bigg Boss announced the nomination task for this week, which will end a contestant’s journey. In the nomination process, Bigg Boss told the family members that Shamita, Prateek, and Nishant would not be included in the nomination today. And they will have to burn the paper in the name of any contestant that the Jungle dwellers nominate. Let us know which jungle dwellers nominated six contestants.

Nomination process started
In the process, Ishaan and Maisha first nominated Afsana. After which, Afsana became very angry. Although Ishaan wanted to select Donal, because of Maisha, he took the name of Afsana. After this came the turn of Karan and Tejashwi, who nominated Donal.

Argument between Umar and Jai
Out of the Umar and Jai pair, Jai wanted to name Akasa and Umar to nominate Maesha. There is a heated argument between the two on this matter. After which, both of them nominated Akasa.

Vishal also nominated
Afsana Khan and Simmba Vishal were nominated. Bigg Boss then called Donal and Akasa, both of them nominating Vidhi.

These six contestants got nominated
The jungle dwellers have nominated Vishal Kotiyan, Vidhi Pandya, Ishaan Sehgal, Afsana Khan, Donal Bist, Akas Singh to be evicted from the house.

How to vote for Bigg Boss 15 contestants?

Viewers of Bigg Boss 15 can cast their votes via Voot App to save their favourite contestants. The steps on how to vote for Bigg Boss 15 contestants via Voot App are given below.

  • Download the Voot App from the Play Store
  • Then register your account using email or Facebook ID
  • Once you are done, search for Bigg Boss 15 vote
  • Finally, vote for your favourite contestants by clicking the ‘Vote Now’ button

You can also vote for your favourite Bigg Boss contestant on the website by going to the Bigg Boss page and click on the ‘Vote’ section. Click on your favourite contestant to vote.

Also, Vote at The NewsCrunch unofficial voting poll to share your support for favourite Bigg Boss 15 contestant.



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