Bigg Boss 14 Written Update 27th January 2020: Nikki Tamboli Stoops to new Lows!


Bigg Boss 14 has become spicer and raunchier. The contestants have made it a point to provide quality content to the audience on a daily basis. Each contestant is equally controversial and in their own element giving the show what it takes. Today’s episode is filled with rage and crude behaviour. Rage comes from two of our favourite contestants friends turned foes Aly Goni and Abhinav Shukla. It goes beyond the usual wherein Abhinav pushes Aly. And the crude behaviour can be expected just from one contestant, Nikki Tamboli. She manages to make a normal situation disgusting and cringe worthy.

During the task, Abhinav tries to use some sleazy moves to get his team to win but Aly catches this and tells him that he should not do that. This does not go down well with Abhinav. Both Aly and Abhinav have not been getting along with one another since the lockdown task. They have been at each others throats since then and waiting for an opportunity to pounce on one another. Abhinav tells Aly that he is an atrocious man to which Aly replies that in reality he is terrible. Aly abuses Abhinav and Abhinav warns him not to utter any abuses towards him. They are both ready to pounce on one another and it takes alot of strength from the other contestants to keep them apart. When they are face to face, Abhinav pushes Aly. Aly tells him not to push him as he has no right.There seems to be no sign of reconciliation between the two.

The contestants had lost their bathroom privileges during the nomination task. They chose to nominate Rahul Vaidya and lose out on the bathroom. As a result of which, they have to take showers elsewhere. The fun in it is when Rakhi needs to take a head bath. She has to do so in the open near the pool. While Rahul washes her hair with shampoo, she employs Aly to apply the conditioner. The water is cold and she freezes while they pour water over her head. She says that never in her life has she taken such a shower but there is always a first time.

Day by day Nikki is becoming all the more outrageous. She ate watermelon and kept the plate without washing. Vikas tells her to wash the plate and keep aside to which she replies why should she wash it and who is he to tell her to wash her plate. She says she isn’t his wife or his friend to listen to him when he says to do any work. Nikki then says that Vikas kisses anyone he wants and Vikas gets flared up on hearing these claims. Devoleena says that Nikki has made it a habit to play the woman card everywhere. She says that because Nikki is nominated she is using particular words to provoke the opposite contestant. Nikki says that Devoleena is jealous of her, Devoleena says that she has seen people like her drop so low just to get attention. Devoleena then goes and kisses Vikas, Vikas says that girls like Nikki spoil the name of any boy when they are friendly with other girls. Nikki says its boys like her to promote vile behaviour.



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