Bigg Boss 14 Voting Online Trends 6th Week – Rubina and Shradul nominated for this week eviction, who will get eliminated?

Bigg Boss 14 Voting Online 6th Week

Bigg Boss 14 has reached the sixth week and the nominations of this week ended with two contestants nominated for elimination this weekend. Rubina Dilaik and Shradul Pandit are nominated for elimination, out of this two one of the contestants will get voted out on Sunday. Last week Naina Singh got voted out and was evicted from the house.

This is the second consecutive week that Shradul Pandit is nominated for elimination.

Bigg Boss 14 Voting Results 12th November 2020

  • Rubina – 18299 Votes (85%)
  • Shradul – 1691 Votes (15%)

As of today, Rubina is leading the voting poll with maximum votes while Shradul is trailing by a huge margin. Rubina has a huge fanbase and a strong player. It will be difficult for Shradul to catch up with her. We will have to wait and watch what happens once the voting poll closes.

How to Vote for Bigg Boss 14 Eviction Nominees?


  • Register into the site by entering the name, email address and password
  • Once after Registration, login to the
  • Select ‘Bigg Boss 14’ option from the menu and click on Vote now
  • Select the contestant to save for eviction and Click on ‘Submit.’

Bigg Boss – Mobile App Voting Method Details

To know how to vote for contestant using the Mobile app – Follow the below steps.

  • Download Voot for Android or iOS
  • Register into the site by entering the name, email address and password
  • Once after Registration, login to the
  • Select ‘Bigg Boss 14’ option from the menu and click on Vote now
  • Select the contestant to save for eviction and Click on ‘Submit.’
  • Bigg Boss – Myjio App Voting How to Details

For every episode of the Program, the period starting from Voting Start Date and Time and ending on Voting End Date and Time will be considered as voting cycle for that particular episode (“Voting Cycle”).

The Voting Poll will tentatively start from 11 P.M. on Monday and end on 11.P.M. Thursday for the Shortlisted Participant for that week, subject to changes as per the discretion of Viacom18.

Any change in Voting Cycle will be notified by way of Astons on-air specifying the end time of voting.

  1. The viewers who use the Voting Mechanism understand and acknowledge that as per the Rules and Regulations, the maximum number of votes that he/she can cast, for their favourite Shortlisted Participants per episode, through One (1) login Id during the Voting Cycle, is limited to 1 vote per user/e-mail id per Shortlisted Participant.
  2. The votes sent after the first vote of any user and email ID, shall not be counted and will be considered null and void. Thus, e.g., a viewer has sent 10 votes per episode, during the Voting Cycle. The vote cast by the viewer vide his/her user and e-mail id after the 1st vote for that particular episode during that particular Voting Cycle will not be counted and would be considered null and void.
  3. The vote through any of the Voting Mechanism will be deemed to have been cast and received only when such vote reaches the server of the concerned telecom/ internet service provider. Such vote as received by the telecom/mobile/internet operator shall be considered for counting. Any unclear/incorrect/incomplete vote and/or absence of valid user and e-mail id, incomplete vote, shall be considered as an invalid vote and shall deem to be null and void.
  4. Neither Viacom18 nor the Channels shall be responsible in case of any network problem, technical failure whatsoever and/or the data charges/costs charged by the network operator(s) and/or any other problems which may occur due to the failure of the Voting Mechanism or misuse of the Voting Mechanism inability to cast a vote due to any other technical issue and/or any other reason whatsoever and/or any problems in connection thereto. Any dispute in connection to the same shall be settled directly between the viewer/subscriber and the operator(s) without involving Viacom18 and/or the Channel in any manner and at anytime whatsoever.
  5. Neither Viacom18 nor the Channel shall be responsible for any unauthorized access to user data and/or for any compromise on private/confidential user related, or any other data, including but not limiting to user ids, email address, names, contact numbers and/ or any other user-related details.
  6. In case of any network failure, technical problem and/or for any reasons whatsoever, Viacom18 reserves the right to change the voting system/Voting Mechanism and/or cease from accepting votes of the viewers for any and/or all the episode(s) of the Program, or take such necessary steps as it may deem fit without any liability to any viewer/person/ party.
  7. Upon the viewers’ voting for the favourite Shortlisted Participant, the user and email id from which the Voter has voted during the Voting Cycle will get registered with the respective network provider(s) who will collate the total number of votes received for each Shortlisted Participants and send the same to Viacom18.
  8. For a particular Voting Cycle, the Voters can cast their votes only for those selective Shortlisted Participants, whose details have been provided/broadcasted during the telecast of the episode of the Program. Any votes sent by the viewers for the Participants/Shortlisted Participants who were not a part of that particular episode due to elimination or not shortlisted for any other reason whatsoever, will not be considered and shall be null and void.
  9. Viacom18 shall have the sole discretion to bring any eliminated Participant back in the Program as a wild card entry for participation in the further rounds of the Program, and thereafter such wild card entry shall be subject to the voting pattern stated in this Rules and Regulations. In no event shall the Participant or the viewer(s) dispute the decision made by Viacom18 and/or the Channel in this regard.
  10. It is expressly stated that this is a Poll to enable the viewers to give them a chance to save their favourite Shortlisted Participant from getting eliminated in the Program. Therefore, no winners are being declared or any prize(s) being distributed for participating in the Poll.
  11. The elimination of the Participant and/or the decisions made by judges of the Program, Viacom18 and/or the Channel shall be final and binding and in no event shall the viewer(s) dispute the decision made by the judges of the Program, Viacom18 and/or the Channel.
  12. The Voting Poll will begin at the time as mentioned above however Viacom18 shall have the sole right to modify the timings and commence the Voting Poll before or during the nomination announcement of Shortlisted Participants in the Program’s on-air episode


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