Bigg Boss 14 Eviction: Kashmera Shah, Shefali Bagga and Shefali Jariwala shocking reactions on Jasmin Bhasin’s eviction

Jasmin Bhasin eviction

Viewers of Bigg Boss 14 saw Jasmin Bhasin evicted out of the BB house last night. Jasmin Bhasin’s eviction has deeply shocked the audience, and they are constantly sharing their pain on Twitter. Jasmin Bhasin’s eviction filled Aly Goni’s eyes with tears, and he was seen crying. After Jasmin Bhasin’s exit, the audience on Twitter were divided into two.

There was a section that was saddened by the sudden eviction of Jasmin Bhasin, but there are some who believe that Jasmin Bhasin was not doing well in the show. These people say that Jasmine Bhasin’s exit from Bigg Boss 14 will not have much effect on the show as she could not provide special entertainment.

When it comes to the TV industry, people like Shefali Jariwala, Jai Bhanushali, Shefali Bagga, and Kashmera Shah are shocked at Jasmin Bhasin’s separation and Aly Goni. All of them have expressed grief over Jasmin Bhasin’s eviction by tweeting.

In her tweet, Kashmera Shah wrote, ‘Many people called Jasmine a fake, including me, but she is more real than many people in the house. I can’t believe that she is out. When I got the news of Jasmin’s Eviction, I was shocked.’

Shefali Bagga wrote on Twitter, “What have you done, Bigg Boss?” Jasmine Bhasin is more damaging than many people in the house. ”What have the others said on Jasmine Bhasin’s eviction?



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