Bigg Boss 14 Elimination: Vikas Gupta Eliminated in Weekend Ka Vaar, Does Not Use Joker Card!


Bigg Boss 14 is inching towards the finale. It is important for the contestants to keep their game up in order to keep themselves in the game. There has been alot of shift in the paradigm in recent times. Last week four contestants ;Rahul Vaidya, Devoleena Bhattacharjee, Vikas Gupta and Nikki Tamboli were nominated. The process was done in such a way that if they nominated said person they would lose one part of the house.

During Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan announces that as per votes Vikas Gupta is to be eliminated this week. This comes as a shock considering how brilliantly Vikas had played earlier on in his season. However, this season Vikas has not been on his best foot. Vikas has left the house twice during her stint on Bigg Boss 14. Firstly he was thrown out of the house due to his behaviour towards Arshi Khan. He pushed her into the pool and this was considered as an act of violence. The second time around he was pulled out of the game due to his ill health. This absence played a part in his elimination.

Host Salman Khan offers the chance for Vikas to use his joker card which he had receiving upon completing certain tasks. The joker card would save him from elimination but that would mean that Devoleena Bhattacharjee who is the proxy of Eijaz Khan would be eliminated. Vikas says that since the audience has voted least for him, he cannot go against their wish and would leave the house without using his joker card.


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