Bigg Boss 13’s Himanshi Khurana Exclusive Interview:”Asim Fainted in the House Due to Overdose of Painkillers, Hidden By BB to Save Siddharth”

himanshi khurana captaincy cancelled

Bigg Boss 13 completed its tenth week. The eleventh week begins with the contestants bearing the brunt of heavy backlash from the host Salman Khan during the weekend for their behavior in the house. The house is tense with the issue of Arhaan and Rashmi being exposed. Also, a major heartbreak took place in the house with Himanshi being evicted as the tenth week elimination.

A few weeks ago, the first finale of Salman Khan’s controversial show Bigg Boss 13 took place. During this time there were many wildcard entries at home. Himanshi Khurana, a well-known singer from Punjab, also made a wildcard entry in the show. Due to low votes last night, Himanshi Khurana has been shown the way out of this show.

Himanshi on Asim’s Love For Her

On several occasions, Asim has also expressed his love for Himanshi without any fear on national television. In the Bigg Boss house, Asim was seen standing with Himanshi all the time. However, the cheesy chemistry which the duo shared came to an end. Though Asim shared his love for Himanshi, Himanshi always considered him as a good friend. Himanshi denied taking their relationship any further and expressed her willingness to be Asim’s good friend forever. She claimed Asim to be a very genuine and good guy.

Himanshi on Bigg Boss Hiding Critical Issues Like Asim’s Health and BB Supporting Siddharth Shukla

In an exclusive interview to a popular media channel, Himanshi claimed that Siddharth SHukla is very aggressive. Asim was severely injured after his tussle with Siddharth during tasks. Asim was given multiple shots of pain killers and three doses of oral painkillers. As a result of painkiller overdose, Asim had fainted and he was crying and shouting with pain.

Bigg Boss decided to not telecast this with specific focus on sidelining the real issues in the house. Asim was not only physically hurt but her was also mentally bashed with the incidents in the house.

Ever since Siddharth joined Paras’ team, there has been a lot of mockery and cheap teasing which is taking place in the house. Himanshi expressed that she liked Siddharth in the beginning but his character is not worth admiring as it is portrayed on national television.

Do you agree with Himanshi’s comments on Asim and Siddharth? Let us know in the comments below.



  1. Do not know why BB supporting paras and shukla. Shukla was given absolute power to nominate anyone of his choice.Asim is real and deserve to win this show.

  2. Seems like BIGG BOSS has become cheating boss. Why is colors so biased for THESE BAD 4 PEOPLE ( SHUKLA CHABDA GILL MAHIRA ). What special has CHABDA and Shukla done to be in secret room and cheat by choosing Mahira to save from nominations. It seems colors is very obsessed with these cheapsters. I think colors should keep these cheapsters and releive others from the house. Chabda should have been evicted and before that Mahira. If these cheapsters are there than a good contestant khurana should have been there. Channel thinks viewers are just big fools. Why save Mahira in just few hours. And now get the voting done by hours very special viewers in secret rooms. Please viewers stop wasting your time and energy by voting. Let Colors and BIGG Cheating boss vote and save theirs favourites. Now they will show Hindustani Bhau or Madhurima with less votes and evict them. I have given you your weekend ka vaar guys. Good luck BIGG Cheating Boss.

  3. Asim is acting like kurta. Every time he see Sid he barks on him. When Himanshi evict from house Asim became kurta again even Sid avoided him and kneel down to him and he kept barking. I was wondering that why this barking started.
    Himanshi stayed in house because Shefali jariwalas bais decision to keep her..

  4. Comment:Salman should make the picture clear regarding sid and co being favoured or should quit the show before he losses his fan base in ton. For sure if he still continues to favour sid and co his Dabaang 3 will sink.

  5. sidharth ko nominate kr diya pta ha ki vo show ka hissa ha but paras bhi show ka part ha fir use ku ni kiya nominate.jab vo bajt gya to voting lines khol di. Bigg boss ko pta tha ki paras ko kam vote milenge or vo bahr chla jayega ???? ye reality show ha isme real side dikhani ha or himanshi ki real side yhi ha or kya kre vo partial bigg boss ase to fir votes ka Kya fayda agar apni marzi krni ha to

  6. As big boss is already scripted ,they are fooling people and this season atleast they have clearly shown the bias decisions …..Sidya,parya,Shenyang,mahrya are just evil….Asim should win …the things happening with Asim are not shown to us… Asim is loosing temper due to bias decisions and it’s human nature,after being so good and maintaining his game plan he is not praised,so anyone can lose their temper…so this show is just fooling us ….Asim is winner ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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