Bigg Boss 13 Winner – Here’s how Asim Riaz will become the winner of Bigg Boss 13, Read below


The countdown of the finale of Bigg Boss 13 has now started and after about 9 days from today we will know who is the winner of this season? You too must have been guessing for several days that which contestant will come out of the house with this season’s trophy? By the way, if there is more chance that Asim Riaz is the winner of Salman Khan’s show, let’s know 7 such points, which prove that Asim Riaz It is a strong contender to win this season’s trophy.

Due to these 7 reasons, the winner of Bigg Boss 13 can become Asim Riaz …

  1. Everyone’s favorite is Riaz
    There is no doubt that Aseem Riyaz has become a favorite of everyone. Aseem Riyaz has been in the limelight since the beginning and has given a lot of content to the show.

  2. Asim Riaz is Salman Khan’s favorite
    This season, Salman Khan has had many favorite contestants and Asim Riaz is also one of them.

  3. Asim Riaz is the king of Twitter

    Asim Riaz is trending for some reason on Twitter, and Asim Riaz is the only contestant whose name is seen on Twitter every day.

  4. Shilpa Shinde’s record is broken

    Shilpa Shinde was the only contestant about whom fans had tweeted the most. Shilpa Shinde’s record was also broken by Asim Riaz.

  5. People from TV industry are also supporting

    Asim Riaz may not be associated with the TV industry, but the big celebrities of this industry are seen supporting him in the coming days.

  6. Negative news is also not doing bad condition

    Recently, there was news that Aseem Riyaz has a girlfriend outside the house. Well, such news has not affected the fans of Aseem Riyaz. In such a situation, it can be understood how strong his fan following is.

  7. Has taken a stand on every issue

    Aseem Riaz has taken his stand on every issue. Because of this Salman Khan also praises him from time to time. For the moment, tell us in the commentbox whether you see Asim Riyaz as the winner of this show or not?


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