Bigg Boss 13 – Why Was Salman Khan Against Mockery of Mahira’s Lips While He Mocks Asim’s Voice All the Time? Is Salman Khan Biased, Asim’s Fans are Outraged!


Bigg Boss 13’s weekend ka vaar episodes are filled with action, drama, twists, controversies and Salman Khan’s retrospections. However, the hosting strategy of Salman Khan has always come under debate whenever it comes to taking a stand. Fans of Asim and others have accused Salman Khan to be biased with Siddharth Shukla and ‘Punjab ki Katrina’ Shehnaz Gill. However, Salman Khan has also been lauded for his efforts to restore order in the house.

Salman Stood for the Ladies Who Were Mocked At, But Why is He Mocking Asim?

Salman Khan cracked the whip on the contestants behavior over the last few weeks. A few days ago, there was a lot of personal mockery taking place. Shehnaz was called ‘Rakhi Aunty’ by Bhau, Rashmi was also body shamed and Mahira’s lips were mocked at. It was encouraging to see Salman Khan taking a stand on this and warning contestants not to do so. This is a very important step in making Bigg Boss 13 a good lesson for the youngsters watching the show.

However, time and again Asim Riaz has been mocked at by Salman Khan for his fake English accent. Shehnaz Gill does not know English well but she has never been mocked by Salman when it comes to her ‘bhakwaas’ in English. Salman has never mocked any other contestant to the extent which he took on Asim Riaz. Maybe Asim Riaz has a fake English accent but that is the least of Salman Khan’s problems at this juncture.

Salman Khan Mocked Asim’s Accent and Now His Voice?

In the weekend ka vaar episode, Salman Khan mocked Asim by saying that from his ‘fake English tone’ he has changed to a very annoying voice in the house. If Asim’s voice is annoying, so is every other contestant’s voice like Mahira, Rashmi, Siddharth or Vishal when they yell in the house. So why is this only an issue with Asim is what fans of Asim fail to understand.

Asim Riaz’s fans took to Twitter, their favorite playground to voice their frustration. As a result, #WeLoveAsimKiAwaaz is trending on Twitter and has a whopping 750K tweets to it so far.

Has Salman Khan gone too far in Asim’s mockery and is he biased when it comes to mockery? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Yes Salman is as biased as the show itself..last time it was Priyank..i guess this comes from his growing insecurity as he is ageing and has difficulty accepting that his time is over…and all that false praises he is so used to hearing are either fake or fear or generosity of people


    • That was on them. They were giving the task and they were asked to decide. I don’t think Asim is good for captaincy as he cannot control provoking fights. Shefali Zariwala was already a captain and no one was supporting her. Rashmmi stole luxury items even after the punishment she stole cheese. So the decision was perfect in order to maintain peace at house. Vikas is right now having a positive attitude with every homie.

      • I think it is our cultural practice of buying a man to make stronger while females are not given such treatment. We like to beat the drum regarding bay and girl is equal. Unfortunately, we don’t practice it. I would say, Salman, is definitely has gone too far with it. I don’t see this behavior as mockery anymore. I think it is bullying but it is good news for Ashim. People only talk about you when you are on the top.

  3. Salman khan is biased. There’s no point in watching the show this season when you who he will mock, slam or praise irrespective of what he / she does..

  4. I have stopped watching Bigg Boss since what’s the point when the show and host are not being fair. Salman and Colors are adamant on praising and encouraging evil, while constantly mocking a true Hero, a true Gem Asim. How strange is this world getting…..?

    • True…Salman was telling Asim didn’t he find his voice irritating..while the most irritating voice is mahira n sidharth s. N it seems sana ,paras n mahira is insecure with Asim ..knowing he is the winner. That’s y they filled his black heart.

  5. Salman Khan used to be my favorite but he is tooo baised now
    I don’t know what’s happening in BB bcz i dont watch it now any longer
    Hate BB hate SK


  6. BB is all about how to be a gunda or gundi to survive. Dignity is strapped of by BB. Asim is targeted vut no excuse. Paras villian bully is being saved. Sid less said is better bt hope #sidasimdosti is bk

  7. Salman khan is very one sided. When Asim shredded Mahira’s letter, Paras said bad words to Asim. Salman must remind each contestant not to use abusive words to each other. And he mustn’t mock Asim or anyone. It’s very biased when some contestants are being treated like VIP and others left out. Shehenaz thinks she is katrina. But she can’t even work the roads katrina worked. Shehenaz don’t even have manners and act disgusting sometimes. And paras thinks everyone must obey him. This show is just bakwaas. They are evicting whomever they want not caring how public vote. It’s completely biased show.

  8. Salman feel insecure as asim become 56th handsome man of the world…so SalMan Times up…Salman jelous of asim…
    Mahira sana siddharth most irritating voice…Salman big bias

  9. BB is all about trip.. I understand biggest trp is bhai Salman khan . But why only targeted asim since last 2 week paras villan bully every one he can say anything to one any even Salman Khan even bb why look like he giving trp … that is why or u bb dont know what to do..I really fed up looking paras . Mahera and shahbaz.. look like paras come for love .. mahera allso they can’t do task … all task rad bec or paras and mahera and sehnaz but still in show why no one know.. I am watching since bb 10 .. I never sees rabish like bb 13…????????????????????

  10. Bigg boss n Salman Khan has not said a word to Paras for making fun of Asim status …. But has encourage it more … This is not right

  11. He is so hell biased, not saying a single word to that badtameez Paras and jaahil Mahira, Salman Khan budha uncle is so jealous and biased


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