Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar: Why Did Salman Khan Cut the Call of Vivo Caller of the Week for Siddharth Shukla, Exclusive Details Leaked!

salman khan weekend ka vaar

Bigg Boss 13 is on the verge of completing its thirteenth week. The weekend ka vaar episodes promise to be filled with explosive action, drama and hungama, thanks to the presence of the host Salman Khan.

Salman Khan has had a rollercoaster ride in this season of Bigg Boss 13. Salman Khan was accused of being biased during the initial days of the show when he chose to evict Koena Mitra. However, the audience were fairly happy from there on when he discussed about critical issues. He ensured that he cracked the whip on contestants who took the physical route to show their power in the house. In this week, he is seen entering the house to clean utensils and perform household chores. Salman Khan emphasizes that he is tired of the contestants’ fights on petty issues which is affecting the harmony of the house.

Meanwhile, the Vivo Caller of the week is an interesting segment in the weekend ka vaar episodes. It is interesting to see the audience grill the contestants with their questions over their activities in the house.

Big Boss 13 Vivo Caller of the Week 29th December – What Did the Vivo Caller Ask Siddharth?

Siddharth Shukla and Rashami Desai had a bitter spat inside the house and the reactions to the fight from popular celebrities flooded the internet. Hence, it was obvious that this week’s question from any Vivo caller would be for Rashmi or Siddharth.

The question asked by the Vivo Caller of the Week to Siddharth was, “Arti Singh said that you went along with her to apologize to Rashami, then why did you come inside Bigg Boss house and fight with her?” (“Arti singh ne Bola ki Aap uske sath milke Rashami se maafi maagne gye the Tho BiggBoss Ghar aake aapne Rashami se ladayi kyu kari”)

What Did Siddharth Respond to the Vivo Caller?

Siddharth was definitely expecting such a question considering the sequence of events which took place after the spat with Rashmi. Siddharth’s reply to the Vivo Caller of the week was “Rashmi is trying to create a very false impression and she is a liar. I never went to apologize to her and we fought in the shooting sets that time. Whatever happened at that time , I wanted to finish it off then and there and move on”. (Ye Rashami ki bhaut badi Galat Fehmi hai & ye bhaut badi jhuthi hai Mein us time usse maafi maagne nhi gaya tha Us time hamara set m ladayi hue thi n jo bhi kuch hua tha set m Wo sab khatam karte hai Ye sab kehne gaya tha ki ye sab abhi chod do)

Siddharth added, “This false impression might be from what you’re seeing from the house as per the telecast”. He quoted something from their past spat exposing another lie of Rashami. (Ye inki galat fehmi aapko ghar m dikh raha hoga Ye Ghar m Jhuth kitna bolti hai Jaise inhone phela bola tha Mein apni wife ki line(Rashami Dialogue) ko chura k dusro ko deta tha dusre Co-actor ko Ye inka ek aur juth samne aata h)

What Was Rashmi’s Counter Argument?

Rashmi replied on this stating, “Siddharth is a big liar and everyone knows what sort of a person he is”

Why Did Salman Khan Cut the Call?

In a shocking turnaround of events, Salman Khan got annoyed as nobody understood the caller’s question.


  1. Salman bhai please can you ask Rashami to live her past behind and live Sidharth both of them they should think about their future Rashami she is ambaresing her self and also Asim not to be peppet



    People all over the world is watching all nonse that happends in the house.

    Yet BB is not at all ashamed or feeling disgraceful of the housemates and show coordination

  3. I would say that Shukla is over reacting.Lots of his co-workers (people that worked with him on sets) where intervi we’d and gave very negative and nasty issues about Shukla. Why is he getting so worked up with questions from Vivo caller.
    Answer n be over with it… Why is he
    So full of aggression and fight ING with Rasha

  4. Always fighting with Rashami…Grow up Shukla it’s u that’s issue about the past..
    If you are so positive and right why are you fighting..I think you are what the people on the outside are saying. U abuse women on sets… Am sure u have sisters..If someone does nasty things like u with ur sister how wud u feel.My advise to you is STOP what u are doing..KARMA IS ON ITS WAY TO U

  5. I hate siddarth shukla. He is rubbish if he wasn’t there bigboss was going well. As he came back after recovery he’s creating only fights. He doesn’t know to speak to women

  6. Sidharth Shukla is playing so well ❤️. Love you Sid. Rashmi and Asim should be kicked out. They are the 2 gandi/dirty machli/fish in the house ????.

  7. Salman khan is a biased host, he is trying to make Shukla win and Shehnaz to loose the game. Salman bias hone ki v hadd hoti hai. We will boycott all your movies. Biased host and biased show.


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