Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar Week 5 – Rashami Desai and Devoleena not to be eliminated this week, but will be guest of secret room

Siddharth shukla rashami desai fight bigg boss 13

Weekend Ka Vaar special episodes of Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s TV realty show Bigg Boss 13 are all eagerly awaited. During this time, both scolders and bookies who meet Salman Khan in the TV show are in the news for a long time. Apart from this, the real incarnation of Contestant also comes to the fore during this time when Salman Khan questions him sharply. But this weekend’s weekend war is going to be even more tremendous.

The reason for this is not double but triple eviction for the first time. This time, not one, not two, but 3 contestants are going to be homeless. According to media reports, the names of these three contestants are Shefali Bagga, Rashmi Desai and Debolina Bhattacharjee. However there is a twist here.

Actually, to make the game more fun, the makers have played a new bet. According to media reports, Salman Khan will name these three members to be eliminated. After which Shefali Bagga will be eliminated with the fewest votes. After this, Rashmi Desai and Debolina will also be eliminated. But they will not be sent out and both of them are about to be sent to secret room.


With the shocking eviction of Devoleena and Rashami Desai, where the householders are going to get a shock, there are also new guests coming to the house. This time through the wild card, not one, not two, but 6 contestants will take part in the house. This will once again reverse the entire game and the family will be shocked. At the same time, sitting in the secret room, Debolina and Rashmi Desai will be able to see the other side of the family. So are you excited for this weekend’s war special episode? Comment us and reply us.



  1. Stupid twist – If Rashmi n Debo are in the bottom three then please evict them why the secrect room so dumb it’s going to be boring again they 2 were the most boring characters of this year and keeping them in the house is going to be still boring and negative totally

  2. would really love it if Rashmi and Devo go into the secret room. they seem to be unaware of who their actual friends and enemies are and they need to see all what is going nice twist. to keep the game more fun. this also happened in big brother Nigeria and it added a lot of controversies to the issues on ground and also made an almost boring show really interesting.

    • Devoleena doesn’t deserve to be in BB due to her language, physical aggression by slapping Sana and over confidence on audience. Devoleena should be 1000% out of the show.
      Rashmi too is always grudging when she is in the kitchen. Should be in bottom.

  3. Rashmi is a dhukhi ayma who is spoling the atmosphere with her stupid arrogance. She should go out and not in the secret room. Debolina is a good for nothing character and deserves to be evicted from the house. Shefali could have played well but got carried away.

  4. This is such a fucking news the lady with highest vote got evicted wah biggboss fake game 🤧. And aarti is safe wah this is such a bullshit news 📰. I will never watch biggboss again 😪

    • There is partiality. Rashmi has way better popular fan following than Aarti, Asim and other females. Who knows Asim? Rashmi deserves to be in top3! She doesn’t need a man’s shoulder to go up in the game. She is a fighter.

      Aarti has been using a man to be in the show! Shame on her! What a character she has!

  5. No …both are strong contenteders of big boss so be calm and watch the show.
    Do you think arti and Asim more popular and entertaining …?

  6. Without Rashmi Desai….there is no use to watch Bigg Boss. Instead of Mahira and Arti Singh…. Rashmi n Debo should be in the house. Bigg boss ….Vagao is dono ko…Arti Mahera are too much boaring.

  7. How can rashmi be evicted she got less vote than aarti ?not possible she is always in top 3 vote getting people so how can she even be eliminated

  8. Rashami got more votes than arti inspite of this fact she is evicted…wahhh fake game khelre h arti ko eliminate hona chiye tha na ki rashami ko arti ko less votes mile h than rashami

    • Rashmi got more votes than mahira. Arti is in the show on her own merit. Not on someone’s mercy. Arti got more votes than rashmi and devoleena. This twist is stupid. It makes no sense… We have to keep voting again and again. Even when we have already saved the contestants that we support.

    • Rashmi and debolina are the spoilers of any task in bigg boss. They deserve to be evicted. Arti and Mahira is useless useless too. Shefali is good. She should stay.

  9. Rashmi never played task very well,she is is also negative in kitchen dipartment,Rashmi is have his own rules,she want win against Shukla,not high boss,she never take a stand at right time, why she is in house,it’s very good for understand other contestant play fair, understand the task,take a stand.

  10. Please throw out Mahira and Aarti from the show. They are doing nothing. I like Rashmi…. If she is going to secret room it will be really good for the show.

  11. Rashmi and Debolina don’t know how to play,they totally misunderstood the task and deserve to be eliminated.Rashmi’s ego needs to be broken.

  12. Till now except the last all task cheating is being done by did team …
    Tab koi nai bola..
    Rashmi debo team played through n through good for their team.
    Non deserving and fake are arti, sana,shifali,Asim.donno y they inside..all r cheap.
    And on top siddharth.usme aisa Kya Jo salma bhi darts h usase..itna Ganda , galat bolne k bawjood Salman bade hi discent manner m samjhata h use..aur baar baar Paras ki class leta h..
    Aarti ko aaj Tak kabhi KISI topic p nai bola Salman be..kyu..wo Govinda ki family se h isiliye….
    Bakwas ho raha h sab…inke chakkar m acchehe log nikal jaate hn…Mahira ko bola she’s not deserving.
    Arti ko kyu nai bola she’s playing worst n should be out of the sirf did par tikne aayi h…

  13. Without Rashmi Desai, who is strong contender for wining bigg boss show, there is no use to watch Bigg Boss anymore. its waste of time.

  14. Those people who support rashmi are fucking idiot retards. This bitch is so depressing to watch. And devolina is a potty mouthed woman who gets hyper for all the wrong reasons. Pysco or what? Rashmi only has one job in the house. …To be negative and talking bad things about sid

  15. No fair bigg boss giving too many chances to reshmi and debolina and mahira.
    Reshmi and mahira one should have been out before acording to the task bigg boss favoured them not fair for other players and now reshmi given one more chance not fair its clearly showing bigg boss show is favouring them which proves bigg boss is a scripted show not a reality show change ur attitude bigg boss

  16. I don’t like Rashmi Desai and Devoleena, both are arrogant and idiot, not at all professionally, both are think they are very famous and get public votes but public don’t like both and also very troublemaker, political nonsense.Good to be both are evicted and don’t want coming back. Arti is good person. Also Siddharth Shukla is strongest person.

  17. Well, finally most irritating contestants Rashmi and debolina are out of the show.Irritating because they hide things,as if their personal.Always lies,never wrong,when others do the same things they gang up when they do it it’s good decision audience if it’s true.

  18. I love Rashmi. She is the cutest not sehnaz. Sehnaz is fake. She is acting as cute but in reality rashmi is super cute. A barbie doll. Also Debo is much better than Aarti. Both should stay and Aarti should go.

  19. There is partiality. Rashmi has way better popular fan following than Aarti, Asim and other females. Who knows Asim? Rashmi deserves to be in top3! She doesn’t need a man’s shoulder to go up in the game. She is a fighter.

    Aarti has been using a man to be in the show! Shame on her! What a character she has!

  20. I’m not happy at all with these two being kept coz they both dont deserve to be in the show Rashmi didnt understand anything about the last task her reason for being here is just try to make shukla look big boss evict according to the votes obviously people dont want to see them that’s why they voted against them.

  21. i think rashmi played very well in big boss house n i m shocked when salman sir called her name for eviction… I think she plays with mind and arti,maira,sana and shifali these four dont deserve to be a part of big boss bcoz they are not using there own mind… They all are seeing as a tail of shukla and rashmi…

  22. Bakwass twist… Rashmi n Devoleena are both crap n pathetic n keeping them in secret room is all the more pathetic decision… they should b thrown out as they are doin nothing in show n don’t deserve to b in show at all…..throw them out

  23. No rashmi no Devi no bigg boss bring back rashami and devo and if they are in secret room then it’s okay my favorite contestant s ever and ever, all the best guys now see who your enemies are in the house

  24. First time I did see biggbos with the skipe n skip bcoz there are very shocking rashmi is a top 3 contestent in the hous even will be a winner also devo is strong player as compare arti if the twist is very gud or if real is very bad worst bigboss ever Plz come back rashmi, you r winner

  25. So so happy that those two are out,D&R,,,,i think i can watch bb again.this girl Rashmi,,,,her ego needs some speed limit ,,,,,Useless as for Sana she is super fake i pray she gets evicted soon.


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