Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar Week 3 Elimination 20th October – Abu Malik Eliminated, there is no double eviction

abu malik bigg boss 13

There seems to be a lot of twists in Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar Week 3 episodes, initially it was announced that one male contestant and one female contestant will be eliminated during weekend, so there were results that Abu Malik who got the least votes in male and Mahira who got the least votes in female will get eliminated during weekend. But once the vote percentage was revealed it was found that Mahira has got more votes than 3 male contestants Paras, Dey and Malik, hence eliminating her was not fair.

Bigg Boss changed the rules to eliminated two male contestants with least votes instead of the first made announcement. Hence it was revealed that Abu and Dey may get eliminated as they both had least vote with 7% and 9% respectively. Finally during the shoot for 20th October Weekend Ka Vaar episode a new twist was announced. It’s now revealed that only one of them will get eliminated and there will be no double elimination.

Are you happy with the results? Do you think Siddharth Dey deserve to get one more chance? Comment below.


  1. Everything is scripted. All contestants are helpless by default. Anyways. I cannot tell who should b eliminated. But I want Siddhartha shukla or sanna to win the show.

  2. Sana and siddharth shukla should win. Mahira is boring and so is rashmi, trying to act all bichari and sati savitri and milking the whole siddharth angle for sympathy.devoleena tries but i dont think she has it in her. Arti is nice but invisible in the shadow of siddharth shukla she tries to please everyone. Asim is good and funny but still doesn’t try harder. Abu was good entertainment but i think his age is a factor that limits him. Siddharth dey is a creep. And paras is a chugalkhor aunty. Shefali is just too loud and not entertaining she just keep changing sides like a bin pendi ka lota, and keeps picking fights as if its gonna help her.

    • I am following this show for 5 years. I noticed that Salman Khan (Obviously he is very good anchor, that’s why he continuous season by season) can’t change his mind once he made it. For example, since first day: Asim’s english (whenever Asim speaks, Salman start irritating views by speaking english while biting his teeths..weh weh weh !!)

      2. Siddharth: I know he got angry very quickly but i noticed that he speaks very well in terms of wording. Woh koi Sant Mahatma ban ne nahi aaya. Salman never told that Sid is well balanced. Also, not firmly (at least in calm environment and when nobody speaking in between) said that Sid never instigate anyone.

      3. Rashmi : Never told her that she is doing gossiping and ALWAYS talking about Sid. Looks like Bigg Boss does not find any masala other than Rashmi-Sidh fight so Salman said (Narova Kunjarova) he is not going to tell anything for them. Let them deal with themselves..

      4. Etc, etc…

  3. Siddhartha shukla has to improve his behavior as he is shouting on everyone like he is the only king of house. Very worst and third class person I have ever seen.. Siddharth Shukla and Aarti God will never forgive you. You, third class people. Huhh

  4. I strongly feel Siddhartha shukla is going to win 80 percent sure in that but if not then I believe it should be shenaz second person to win! The other players such as reshmi is that she is bringing her past with s.s and she should just forget that and move on ignore all the factors of the past

    Asim is good he is genuine the rest are just crazy …. I don’t like the way mahira acts to and she is pampered by paras and paras is also boring plays behind girls and says one thing here next thing their wants shenaz or just pretending and also wants mahira but mahira doesn’t give him that type of vibes.

    Siddarth dey is … just a lost person who thinks he can win which is clearly not true the only reason he is in for some time.because he made a connection with shefali …. and shefali doesn’t really do much to … she just made connection and besides that hating shidrrtha shukla for reason . .. aarti is a strong person she can take and stand for her self but in some way she has fallen for shidrath shukla she likes him you can tell and so she is hiding away she needs to play her own game to not just stay with s.s.

    So in conclusion the top 3 I would say would be
    1.Siddhartha shukla
    2. Shenaz gill
    3. Arti

  5. No m nt happy wid the results. Siddharth Dey is not deserve to get one more chance not at all coz he is nt playing well. Next time definitely he will be eliminate i m sure.

  6. Seems big boss got confused himself and changed decision and rules of elimination.
    Rashmi is playing same act which played by shilpa shindey. Rashmi intentionally play this nautanki, she should be eliminated soon aling with paras.


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