Bigg Boss 13 Weekend ka Vaar Week 10: Salman Khan Blasts Shehnaaz Gill For Her Attitude, Will She Be Punished? #shameonShehnaazgill Trending on Social Media!

bigg boss 13 shefali slapped shehnaaz

Big Boss 13 enters into the 10th week. There is lot of drama, fun and fights going on in the house.

Devoleena will be out of the house for some weeks for some rest.  Paras leaves the house for his surgery (though the real reason was for fixing his hair patch). Siddharth Shukla is diagnosed with typhoid but refuses to leave the house for treatment. It is injuries and sickness galore in week 10 of Bigg Boss 13. However, the contestants have not changed their attitude when it comes to playing tasks in an amicable fashion.

The fight between contestants in the house of Bigg Boss 13 is not new to the audience. But if this cat-fight among lady contestants, the audience likes to watch it with great fervour. Yes, viewers are now going to see a tremendous cat fight between Shefali Jariwala and Shehnaz Gill. Let us tell you, Bigg Boss has given the luxury budget task to the members present in the house. Shehnaaz Gill and Shefali Jariwala will be seen clashing with each other during the task. In the promo released, it is shown that Shahnaz Gill shouted to the housemates that Shefali Jariwala hit her, raised her hands on her.

Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar Updates – Did Salman Ask Shehnaaz to Leave the House?

Shehnaaz Gill is one of the most popular contestants of Bigg Boss 13. Time and again she has been the center of attraction and possesses a huge fan base outside the house. Shehnaaz is playing the game and it is pretty evident. She cozied up to Siddharth Shukla and shed tears when Paras left. She became a very close ally to Paras’ game plans.

Even during Weekend Ka Vaar, Shehnaaz received a lot of love and attention from the host Salman Khan. However, this time around Shehnaaz’s dreams of being verbally cuddled by Salman Khan was shattered.

Salman Khan cracked the whip on Shehnaaz for the first time in Bigg Boss 13. Salman Khan took up the happenings in the house. While discussing about Shehnaaz’s fight with Rashami Desai, Salman Khan slammed Shehnaaz. He asked why she was becoming so aggressive during the tasks. Salman said, “He Said Shehnaaz tum Task me itni Aggressive kyu hori ho? Kisi ko chot lage kuch to tumko farak padta hai?” (Why are becoming so aggressive during tasks, do you even care if someone gets injured?)

Rashmi’s fans are furious over the latest developments in the house. #ShameonShehnaazgill is trending on twitter and it looks like this fight will end up against Shehnaaz’s plot.

Do you think Shehnaaz deserves to be scolded for her actions? Let us know in the comments below..


  1. Most fake contestant is shainaz gill. Another gundi + mahira. Alwys mking fun of others for atention. Myb readin why punjab media bans her.

    • I agree, sid, shehanaz mahira n paras had been tragetting Rashmi from longtime every mistakes they point to Reshami as if except her none is their competitors….

  2. Shenazz is d most fake in d house she is 2 faced one in d house n one in front of Salman Khan she needs to get out n sid very violent both should leave

  3. i dont think she should tht she should get slammed bcoz even shefali jarewala raised her hand even before she pushed mahira i guesss i m not sure so i think shefali is so fake n even himanshi

  4. Shehnaaz and Mahira should be kicked out of the house or indecency will increase in the bigg boss house and the show is already become disgusting because of them both, now it will become more disgusting and unwatchable. Salman is taking them lightly and is raising unnecessary points of other contestants.

  5. The most irritating contestant of big boss 13 is Mahira she only a shadow of paras now since paras in not in the show, she has become the most irritating and playing like a crab just to show off she is becoming lousy and loudy and irritating and the other is shehnaz her actions and play is irritating more than entertaining, she is becoming too boring being with mahira and also her actions of getting close to every man starting from paras to siddharth to Vikas, hugging everyone is too characterless for a TV show, I’m sure Salman bhai will take actions with this 2 seriously.

  6. Yes,she should be…just for her entertainment she can’t do anything….and if u see from start most of the time a very well going task gets destroyed because of her…

  7. Shahnaz did right with Rashmi ,as during task if rashmi knows that she is so soft then why she did participate. Shahnaz is like this from the first episode but Rashmi is getting aggressive after her lover Arhaan came. So audience knows who is genuine and who is changing her colors everytime. Perhaps Rashmi started all fight by making a doll of Mahira . Rashmi is the only person who stole the extension of Mahira first . Rashmi is playing dirty game not Shahnaz who always stays same and playful.

  8. I think both to blame. Making fun of someone lips by Rashmi isn’t commendable. All contestants gone to extreme. There’s no fun watching it.
    Everyone screaming and it’s disgusting really..
    Look at Arhaan…why he wants to marry Rashmi if he is already married with child…Guys…just think …it’s only a show for Rupees 50 lakhs
    Please don’t get aggressive for nothing..

    • Rashmi not started this if you are watching Bigg Boss. Shehnaz made fun of shafali’s lip on spreading lipstick around not only this she imitates Himanshi,Asim.Rashmi was called Pomeranian.Was it Good

  9. Ok so at least they make fun of others on their face … not like rashmi shifali asim and bhau who sit in group and make fun of others . That’s acceptable ???

  10. Im sorry but Rashami is to much. Im not saying sana is right but Rashami started making fun out of Mahira first. If Rashami can’t take it she shouldn’t dish it out then. Its a game.

    • Sana n Mahira started first.if bhau was d reason then y Sana should say to Shefali,Sana started first by keeping lipstick on her mouth very cheap behaviour,n Mahira first started in kitchen n said bad about Rashmi then Rashmi said to mahira.dis way they both idiot (Sana,Mahira) started.n Sana is such a stupid irritating cheap less character girl not only for Shefali she started abusing Himanshi Asim .dis wat Sana behaviour,n Mahira was little bit quite bit Sana gave her stupid advices.they both should kick out frm show very discussting girls in BB house, if Salman don’t take any actions on them(Sana,Mahira),then Salman is baised host of BB,n everybody will come to know that he is giving partiality to them ,if it happens then BB is waste to watch .n it will be worest show forever.sid also very dirty contestant,very bad,audience r watching that now Sid is back off Rashmi ,Everytime he use to say n back off rashmi.even he do backside chukli abuot Rashmi, Sana is worest n Paras mahira also.from starting BB one day every body are loving n supporting Rashmi n Asim because they r playing well n receiving love from audience .n devoleena a strong girl we missing u a lot come back n bajau dho Sana ke Jan ke niche,Sana deserves that,n it is possible by devoleena Rashmi n Asim we love u Asim Rashmi devoleena,n very bagwass Paras irritating fellow n mahira Sana also .sid chhiiiii….

  11. You get what you deserve and Rashmi truly deserved it. She was calling for it. If she insults other people or steals their stuff or makes fun of others by making a doll (which was pretty dumb btw. Is she 15?) then she should be ready to take it back. Rashmi has been a drama queen. I find her very irritating. She needs someone to target all the time. First it was Sid and now it’s Sana and Mahira. It will be someone else tomorrow. Also, how could she bear the pain for hours if she got injured by Sana when she snatched that doll from her… lol

    On a lighter note, she does not need a doll anymore. Now that she has Arhaan’s child to take care of… a real baby 😀 That’s why.. what goes around comes around 🙂

  12. Of course Shehnaz should be reprimanded otherwise she feels whatever she is doing in the house is right. She should be given a reality check. @beingsalmankhan ne bohot chadha diya hai @shehnazshine ko. #shameonshehnazgill

  13. Y was she only aggressive….tell ???? evrything started with Bhai..he miss behaviour with shenaaz….so shenaaz n Mahira reacted…shefali came in between …where as thy can jump evry argue but shenaz is blaimed if she support her friend….WT a stupidity…..shenaz was cornered …how she was pushed by both shameful ladies Rashmi and shefali together joined pushing shenaz… S shenaz gave with back with her mimicry and irritating them with her way of entertainment…shenaz ???????? . She played well….but Rashmi and shefali are ????????loosers…

  14. I support Sana as well she is amazing person in house even we can see kindness in her heart a lot of time ..if if anybody get sick at cry she felt pity ..we love u shenaz ..I don’t know how big boss can not see Rashmi drama only Shefali is doing the exact game in girls but we love sna and Sid rock u guys

  15. If Rashmi is so soft & delicate why dint she got hurt when she was so aggressive in the game & shockingly how her finger dnt get fractured when she was hitting the names board during the task given for the captain ship. Just snatching a soft bathrobe made her finger fractured???

    • That’s the point… big boss and Salman should see this.. her finger doesn’t fractured at that time… Rashmidesai is dumb she doesn’t know the game and cannot plan even.. don’t know how she and her mate devolena is being appreciated by fans…

  16. Rashami Desai is piggybacking on Sana and Mahira. She is encashing on them to gain footage. Without them, you could find her under her blanket contributing nothing on the show. She is a drama queen and can stoop to any level for sympathy votes. Actual player & survivors are Sana and Mahira who can be found holding the show on their own steam. Rashami needs to be EVICTED along with that pansy Arhan.

  17. Whatever Shehnaaz did was right. Roshmi deserve that. The way Rashmi tortured Mahira was awful. Yes I admit that shehnaaz was little aggressive but the show is only because of her. Another thing is that most talkative person siddarth was sick and paras was not in the show therefore only shehnaaz was there who become target for everyone.

  18. I support Shenaz if you watch the video you can see that by pulling a towel a finger cannot be broken- if you look at the previous days task Rashmi was breaking the boards punching with bare hands and that would’ve cause the hairline fracture – Rashmi is a fake drama queen – if she cannot handle it she should opt to go out of the show – #pleasevictrashmidesai

  19. Sure Shabaz is playing dirty pretending innocent. Not respecting any of the contestant. The affection she shows towards siddarth and paras is just get attention. As far as majors is concerned she also is the most annoying candidate. The new wild card entry Madhurima is very sensible and cool girl

  20. Sure Shahnaz is playing dirty pretending innocent. Not respecting any of the contestant. The affection she shows towards siddarth and paras is just get attention. As far as majors is concerned she also is the most annoying candidate. The new wild card entry Madhurima is very sensible and cool girl

  21. Bhau is suggesting rashmi to file a case for fracturing her finger.he is a senior person n doing nothing to stop house mates fight. Hmare ghar m bhi hota h ki bachche khel m ya fight m chot lag jati h to kya bhai bahen ek doosre per case kar de?

  22. Sana is most irritating in house two sided fake personality throw her out of the house Salman has putten her on head i hate her and sid

  23. PLZ OUT Sehnaz and Mahira too beause they start making the fun of other and if that come on them they down to break other stuff.

  24. Shehnaz is fake.,disgusting ,her acts are not cute by making fun of others And mahira is attention seeking for no reason, she should have been out long time ago,and paras is another hypocrite siddharth is arrogant and very proud, they are all made for each other. Very dirty and nasty group

  25. Shenaz Gill sleeping with so many guys is the most disgusting thing. Apparently that shows lack of character on her part for money she could stoop to any level. Even living in the west we have standards and respect apparently she has none whatsoever.

  26. Rashmi is not a victim and definitely NOT innocent at all. Her behavior has changed a lot for the since Arhan’s entry both times. She made fun of Mahira’s lips for the longest.
    She was my favorite contestant but any more.
    Good luck for Sidharth. He is Donald Trump of Big Boss 13.


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