Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar Highlights:”I Wish You are Removed From the Show But Colors TV Did Not Allow” – Salman Khan Blasts Siddharth Shukla


Bigg Boss 13 which is entertaining the fans with its high-voltage drama is back with yet another captaincy task during week 8 and those who becomes the captain for week 8 will be safe from elimination. As Aarti became the first Captain of the Bigg Boss house, followed by Shefali, the contestants are all geared up for the next task and will fight to become the next Captain of the house which was won by Siddharth Shukla. Bigg Boss decided not to have any captain after Shefali’s tenure for a week.

Physical Fights Galore in Week 8 – Asim vs Siddharth, Himanshi vs Shehnaaz

The week 8 of Bigg Boss 13 has been the most violent and disgusting week in terms of fights. The contestants were always at their wits end and the episodes were to be watched with the volume down. However, the limelight of the battlefield was on Siddharth Shukla and Asim Riaz. While it is tough to accuse just one contestant for this fight, the duo needs to calm things down. Millions of teenagers and kids watch Bigg Boss 13 and the contestants are not setting the right precedent for sure.


Did Salman Khan Serve Justice by Blasting Siddharth Shukla?

After every weekend ka vaar episode, Salman Khan’s name trends for being a biased or bad host. However, in this week’s ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ Salman Khan shocked every single soul by taking on this season’s most popular contestant, Siddharth Shukla.

Time and again Siddharth Shukla was praised and held in high regard by Salman Khan. However, Salman Khan was furious this weekend.

salman said, “I wish there was one contestant who could be removed from Bigg Boss 13 right away. Siddharth Shukla I am speaking about you”

“i wished to remove you but colors tv did not allow it. If you lift your hands on anyone in the house, you will be out!”

Asim’s fans are elated with Salman Khan’s neutral perspective. However, Asim Riaz was also scolded by Salman Khan. Salman said, “Asim, I praised you last week and now you have climbed on my head with that”.


Do you think Siddharth Shukla deserved to be scolded by Salman Khan or was it Asim’s fault all the way for instigating Siddharth? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Excellent Salman.. !

    I was eagerly waiting for you to come and show someone their AUKAAT..

    Agreed with Salman .. Shukla should be out immediately.

      • remember the first fight with kesari and sidharth shukla how he sidhart scolded asim to not there in fight with him as asim went to take vath in the same time sikla always uses asim for their own benefit

        • Sidarth and Asim started all this chaos in the house,but its especially of Sidarth as he is short temper and always physical knowing that Asim try to get advantage of that and provok him so that Sidarth get agressive and get eliminated.
          Its not a good example for the viewers.
          Appreciate of Shifali and paras

    • Sidd is our hero with anger he looks handsome too.whole show is interesting bcz of him.without him big boss is zero.he is handsome, smart and intelligent. Actively participating giving 100%to the game.he is a all u forget,and give him a trophy.

    • Asim should had not been scold by Salman it is Shukla who started it he was thinking what ever he is doing is correct cuz he from the same channel I mean Colors he should be shown way out from big boss I don’t know why colors do not did it it is disgusting in the Colors last seasons who got physical with other house mates they where thrown out of the house I think this year’s format has changed incredible for the new rules for big boss 13 again Shukla is from the Colors channel doesn’t matter what ever he will do will not be minded by the Colors channel

  2. Siddharth Shukla should be evicted from the show. He is violent and arrogant. He doesn’t even respect women. How can you keep someone like that in the big boss house? The show has gone to really low levels by encouraging nonsense like this.

    • Easy to blame Sid .. what about the instigator the Asim??? For no reason he is coming on Sid”s face … anyone who breaches personal space and uses his elbows to instigate should get a right f slap.

    • Provoking is not less crime then physical violence. First salmas should teach asim how to behave with sid. We are disappointing with salmas decision. ASIM is an Idiot now.

      • you are right, Sid is playing well from start & straight fwd guy, Shefali is the culprit for all this & tey are trying to build a separate team.

    • Very true. We have to watch this serial with kids around…. wat an example… arrogance, filthy words, they mute the bad words but lip movements??? Words are quite clear. The contestants attitude … a grand salute….

    • This is my first time watching big boss.
      There’s alot of cunning and manipulative ppl in this show.
      The only person that’s honest is Sid…unfortunately he’s aggressive behavior and hot temper is always getting the better of him, and the rest of the players know of this and provoke him.

    • Salman khan is absolutely wrong.What did he thinks of himself.Being a superstar and thinking God of himself.Let he look what he did to his ex girlfriends before he talks about Sidhart.Hosting BB for so many years makes him a very arrogant man.I don’t like his manners.Karan’s wife was right in previous BB to angry at Salman about the way he behave with karan.Disgusting man.

  3. I think Asim is provoking Siddharth. Even when Siddharth was sitting quietly near garden area Asim came up to him and started abusing him. He put his hands in his pocket and was pushing Sid and continuously abusing him and provoking him to raise his hand so that big boss throws Sid out of the house.
    I agree that Sid was wrong in pushing Asim but nobody can tolerate if a person is coming so close and using filthy language and pushing you.
    I think Asim is showing his true colours to a person who made him someone who he is today. Yes , 8 weeks was just too much for Asim when people like poonawala and kashari could not stay. Who the hell is Asim man? A nobody in front of Paras and Sid and other members .

    • Sid is running all over the show. Asim is provoking continuously. Asim is such a irritating guy.. ????he wants fight Everytime bcoz or just footage. Hate Asim.. this time don’t agree with salman????????

  4. Salman Khan is right.
    Asim instigated and started the whole fight he wants Sidharth out of the show. I love Sidharth and want him to win if he can control his anger and show us he is capable of ignoring Asim that will be awesome. Sid is a very strong headed decent person and falling into this childish tactics of Asim does not suit him so hopefully this behavior changes soon. I Loved their friendship cried after their fight but now I hate their friendship cannot understand how Asim calls himself a true friend when he is behaving like a snake.

    • Asim is trying to become the banner of the show with his fullish attitude . He is irritating the viewers . I changed my channel after watching asim’s reaction in captaincy task . Looser asim. Shidarth has already shown i very good example of self control. Keep it up Sid .
      Shefali is non sense sanchalak.even don’t have reading skill of big boss task wali chthhi .She doesn’t even know how to announce the captaincy task winner name. Only doing overacting of biasness.
      Arti is worst player in the house.

      • People call him pscho, rude and what not but whether they accept it or not Sidharth is running the show and rest are backbiting and making strategies to evict him from the show. He is reason most of the people watching the show. He is most genuine person in the bigg boss history and the most deserving to win the show.
        I support Sidharth Sukhla

    • first of all
      look the beginning of the fight sid first raise hand without being provoked by asim …sid playing a very clever game and use asim from the initial…he is nothing without asim contribution

  5. Abe chirkut Siddharth Shukla is Bhasmasur created by Salman by supporting him. Asim was wrong correct. But this guy was called elephant of chess game by paras for this reason only that he doesn’t have mind but only agression.

  6. Finally Justice served. Sidharth needs a reality check. He is very manipulative One needs to be extremely intelligent to identify his evil intentions. Asim is a courageous guy to take on Sidharth Shukla. Well done Asim. WE need people like you to stand against evil

    • Ayesha Ji please kabhi provoking ke PHASE se gujre ho. Tho pata chalegaa continuous Provoking is more irritating than killing someone. Ok Salman also clean his side to removing the tag of BIOS to siddardh. Ok Bhai we can understand. SID please control karo kuch temper ko. we love u.

      • sid raise hand first without being provoked by asim…sid playing a very clever game and use asim from the initials without asim sid is nothing and sid continuously told asim that you are a lucky person as if asim doesnt do anything for him so much arrogant

  7. I don’t understand why salaam is become blind that he didn’t see that azim started and poking sid and flatu Mai scolding for him and Shefali gave captain to himashi nothing for her cheap salaam khan is become I used like him waiting for dabaag but this type of cheating unfair game dession is hurted

  8. Asim is a useless thankless man in the house, Siddhath is truly instigated by Asim moreover these 3 idiots #Asim #Shefali and #Himanshi do not deserve to be called as friends. Asim is a looser, Great going Siddhath all support till you win the show. ALL THE BEST

  9. Asim should be evicted if he is actually a mandir his words, but he is not. Asim is deliberately instigating sid. Sidharth is an very easy target for all because of his aggressive behaviour. Stay strong sid.

  10. Salman sir is always right. because he knows the whole thing happened during the day and we watched only one hour. sir better know who is right or wrong. I am always with Salman sir.

  11. This Vijay from Qatar. Myself an my family we are watching all th Bigg Boss shows and we are the fan of Salman Khan.

    Yes Yvette is right. Mr. Asim is instigating Mr. Shukla. Beginning they are friends and it looks good. One thing I want to inform that I noticed that Shukla is always in aggressive mood but he is right in his argument. And I noticed that whenever he is aggressive he is shouting but not going to other person very close. But Mr. Asim he is aggressive and going very close to Shukla and pushing him. Mr. Asim is behaving so rudely with the housemates.

    From todays’ episode regarding the captaincy task Mr. Shukla is right, he did not pull Ms. Himanshi but he played in a right way. if he wanted he would have pulled Ms. Himanshi very easily and made her out. Ms. Himanshi acted in a way such that she hurted and pulled by Mr. Shulka. it is totally wrong. Mr. Salman Khan he can understand who is wrong inn this captaincy task. Please take right decision on this task. Ms. Shefali gave wrong decision on this task. It is vary clear that Ms. Himanshi acted that she is hurt.

  12. Siddhartha is following fools…cant you guys see,shahnaz is acting so cheap it’s so visible,she is the cobra,Asim’s dad has been called names,cant u guys see,sidharth is sick psycho,obsessed by a girl he has forgotten good and bad,shefali is too great!!!check vishal the lady in man’s disguise!!!yuck they r making the show!!Salman is simply superb as a judge,he can never be biased he is awesome,please Salman show shanaz reality!!!

  13. I love Sid, however he just doesn’t know when to stop. Salman was right.
    Not condoning Asim, he is wrong to an extent. But Sid???
    Arti very two faced… Hats off to Rashmi and Devo.
    Rashmi make your decision and stand by it. Stay strong. ♥️

  14. Salman can’t blame one man for this fight , if this is true than whole house should be thrown,we saw everyone pushing n hitting each other. Sid is the strongest and have the courage to openly come up what he thinks and have the talent to face the challenge and truth, rest all are playing safe and try to instigate hint k get into limelight for no reason (example-devo and rashmi)but he is one man show that takes fullattention of audience. Show 13 is running and getting trp due to this bold personality who has the capability to take the side of what is right. Understand he is aggressive by nature but it is not hampering others to show their talent. His aggressive nature is justified as big boss would not take anyone without this strength. He is the super hero and I am from Atlanta, Georgia love to watch bb only n only reason is SiD.
    I wish I can be the caller of the week and appreciate Sid and tell him to avoid asim n others as he can run the show without any support.

    • Yes I totally agree… Sid is aggressive but he fights for the right reasons…he knows the value of friendship. Inspite of the differences he took Asim’s name and saved him from getting nominated
      I really don’t get it….. Y people can’t see how Asim is provoking sid… To get physical with him… So that he gets out of the show. Sid be strong.. Ignore Asim…. And u play the game

  15. I still have question for bb when rashmi and devo were evicted along with shefali how can they enter with wild card and not shefali. This shows biased behavior once out with pipkin voting please respect and don’t let them in as they are celebrities.. show would be more liked if true and fair game is played by bb. Undoubtedly Sid s the strongest and one man who deserves to win but again it is not public as they can’t see voting it is bb who decides the winner otherwise these 2 females were asked to return. Anyway these 2 females have negligible role other than cooking and fighting over roti chai egg agin and again..BB we want real show not aunty number #1 show .. we love watching the show please be fair and respect the person who is fighting alone(Sid) hen is the one who made asim famous and asim s trying to copy him but reality is he can never to close to Sid. Salute to Sid for bearing and playing in the house with patience knowingly he has aggressive nature what else to say. Sauté to Sid and keep playing and entertaining us. Wish I can be the caller of the week to appreciate and motivate him . Wish you all the best Sid . Stay around positive and happy.. only one suggestion don’t get into the unnecessarily arguments as others just want attention and you are the one source they can approach either happily or with fight so that they can gain popularity but actual truth is different that they don’t know.. their behavior instead of getting attending and more votes makes them look the opposite and you get all the fame and respect ✊ keep rocking Sid .. world loves you .. msg from Atlanta

    • So true… Whatever u wrote… I totally agree with u Rachna…. Sid deserves you win Big Boss 13 … After what he has gone through in the show…. I want siddharth shukla to win ????

    • Please please aap chale jao yaar BB house me and handle the proving. Then comment on anybodies eviction. Just check the reality befome make a comment.

  16. Himanshi is useless… Sid was a clear winner of the captaincy task but Himanshi played her girl cum friendship card with Shefali and unfortunately, Shefali made a big fool of her self.

    Asim is a big time overreacting and over acting contestant and we can clearly see his insecurity from Sid, please vote for Siddhart he deserves to stay.

  17. Yes sorry to say Salman sir is wrong here he can see all the episodes how Asim provoking Siddharth.siddharth didn’t went even once to Asim.
    Sorry Salman sir but you are wrong
    We stand with #Siddharth Shukhla

  18. Very first time on this season Salmaan Sir has done the right thing … Earlier it seems like Salmaan sir was biased and promoting Shukla!! Shukla should have realised that he is not the boss …. Mahira and Paras are unbelievable they are so flip disgusting !!!

  19. Salman Bhai can do whatever he wants to do, But I didn’t understand the whole action of this week, why Asim has become so rude, arrogant, ruthless and bashing all this week on Sidharath. What’s the motive behind this for Asim. In last Weekend ka Vaar, Sidharath himself called him and gave him a Hug not once but two to three times even a group Hug was also done by Sid, Shefali, Himanshi and Asim. In this week, they made a group of 3 people and made Shukla isolated? Why Shefali why you have done so, you were both Shukla and you old friends, and suddenly You started like the company of Asim and Himanshi who are new to you. Shefali you can make new friends, its not bothering us. But listen Shefali, its not OK when you get Newones and after that you forgot the Old ones. And the rest topic of Eviction, Bigg Boss is going through own Rules and Choices, Audience and Viewers are stupid for Bigg Boss, every week Contestants nominated and Voting line is opened to Vote your favourite Contestants but at the weekend ka vaar or before that means Midnight Eviction comes to play by Bigg Boss and the voting done by us is just gone inVain. If Bigg Boss can done Eviction on his own will then why Colors TV arranging the Drama of Voting for your Favourite Contestants? At the end its proved that Bigg Boss is not a Reality show, its a Scripted One. This is the show that I generally watched alone every night because its not a Family show. If Bigg Boss thinks that by creating this kind of an Environment of Vulgarity, Fight Scenes during the Tasks allow with Provoking and Saam Daam Dand Bhed and gaining TRP for running the Channel, then it will be the beginning of Ruination of so called Bigg Boss stupid show.


  20. No Salman’s anger particularly this week on Sid is not right. It was total fault of Asim to instigate Sid. Asim is misguided by Paras and he is all wrong these days.

    Shefalis decision was also wrong, Sid was a clear winner. But she mad Himanshi a captain.

  21. Sid shukla was my fav until last week but not anymore..everyone blasting asim doesnt realize that shukla treats his friends like they are his servants and yells at them all the time..just put yourself in asim’s shoes and tell me honestly would you like shukla yelling at you for no reason at all..? especially when asim was getting apples. actually the problem is shukla wants to treat asim like before but asim has grown now he wants to be treated with respect which shukla is unable to digest. and this to all the people calling asim a snake..actually it is shukla who is a snake who went to devoleena and rashmi and started telling them what asim spoke about them when they were friends.. i was voting for shukla upto now but now he just irritates me so much. i hope he is thrown out of the show..i just dont understand onething what happened to the bigg boss policy of bot touching..? is it for only unpopular contestants..?

  22. Shidharth is an obnoxious and very arrogant man – he thinks he’s above everyone and looks down on every house member. His aggression is not normal and his behaviour for a man of his stature is disgusting – finally he’s been put to task n salute to Salman Khan

  23. Yes throw that violent Siddhardth out of the BB house.This is no wrestling show.He thinks he can abuse anyone because of his bulky size.He has insulted every single member in BB house including his friends Sana,Arti,Sheffali and now Asim.
    Asim is a real hero for me

  24. Asim teased to sidd shukla because he do something wrong with asim unnecessary asim make an issue.he absued first with sidd and everything began first asim….

  25. Sidhart is not in fault. Everyone is instigate him. Very brave contestant, everyone is jealous of him, and they want him out. Keep it up Sidhart, wish you all the best.

  26. Siddharth just have issue aggression only. But you see asim aggression and teased again and again for sidd do something wrong and claimed.
    Why not talk about asim issues why all our blind about asim issues….asim change from two weeks when they came in show shefali and himanshi.

  27. Sid is an pure idiot from the day one he was fighting with every one that’s his policy to remain in the house but no one understood him well. Infact he deserve to be out of the house

  28. Sid never bitches about anybody ,he is man of his words ,Salman insulting Sid is not acceptable,,,,I Asim is asteen ka saaaap .asim want to remove Sid from show by instigating arguements ,shame on asim ….we love ???? Sid and stay strong you will win the show …….god blesss

  29. This is fake news…salman is blasting at Asim and not Sid…just because some obnoxious people are supporting Asim and saying that Salman is biased, Salman is strong and will not start injustice and support nonsense people…Salman has been doing this job for 10 years …Siddharth is the definite winner of this season; Sid is not and will not be evicted…all intelligent people love Siddharth and that’s the majority…Siddharth is mature and has class with just normal adjustable weaknesses

  30. Asim instigating all the time for making aggressive to Siddharth, Asim need to control him self too and Salman should more punishment to Asim. He is jealous from Siddharth so Salman getting more angry to Siddharth is not a right. I love both but I am more supporting to Siddharth.

  31. This fight between two friends is not right on any grounds , I agree that SS does cross the line sometimes however he is genuine and a true friend. Asim did instigate SS , it would have been great if Asim would have discussed all his fears, insecurities , his opinions his feelings privately with SS. In case there friendship was working out Asim and SS should have gone their own ways without disturbing the peace in d BB house. In addition to this Salman sir did right by reprimanding SS and should have given equal treatment to Asim as both are wrong.

  32. I hate siddharth, all the time barking like a Dog, no one can leave in peace.
    Shanaaz also a drama queen, fake crying, fake laugh, fake cuteness and always destroy the tasks.

  33. Salman scolded him for raising his hands.. Kool.. And the other side where Salman should be evicting Asim for being kid and using advantage of sid’s temper.. He was continuously provoking him and trying to throw him out. Paras was right.. Asim thinks Sid is the king and he wants to earn that title.. But baby Asim, you’re not getting that.. Better stop looking negative..

  34. I am watching big boss starting day 1
    I didn’t miss even single episode
    Over all sid bring down his anger
    Let me know one thing if somebody coming again n again and touching other body by shoulder with no reason, I am talking about asim.i saw sid trying to ignore asim but why he is coming with sid to fight. I know asim was too good before ,now I am felling he is doing ugly fight why ,one time is ok to go others place to fight who is setting their place, but again and again.lastly I love all the people in big boss,is there any option to tell asim not to do too much?
    Coz I love Asim too

  35. Salman is doing his job by criticizing shukla and considering the nature of the show and viewers it is fair on Salman to say what he said. But Asim must be evicted right away. Asim is a shitty ass hole who time and again plays victim card and not just that he had let down the very mother land of his by using words like “Humare Jammu mein hum ek baar mein Khatam kar dete hain etc….” Disgraceful to say such things or even intend to say such things against motherland.
    He had used such words of Jammu, Punjab etc in the initial few episodes as well.
    He tried playing that J&K victim card even in the beginning and now he is demeaning the repo of that territory by giving threats like this.
    Is this his true face ?

    I am a common viewer of BB 13 and not any big supporter of Shukla but if pushing is not allowed then even such provoking on national TV deserves to be not just condemned but dealt very strongly in the first place.
    We have seen in any previous episodes till now or other than Asim, that shukla had never been physical on anybody. His war was always loud and verbal but Asim provokes so loudly, badly and amusingly that anybody would simply punch his face through.

  36. Salman ji sukhla good hai best hai asim osé Jaan boojh kar uksa raha tha ki vo majboor ho Jae ose Dhaka marne ki lie sukhla ji best hai salman ji is bar app galat ho himanshi sali gandi bahar nikalo ise show se kamini ko sali gandi my vote for sidharth shukla

  37. Salman was wrong Sid was not at fault , it’s asim provoking Sid not Sid provoking asim.
    Salman Khan is wrong. With out Sid show will be flop

  38. Siddharth needs a help . He should see a doctor . His behaviour is dangerous .
    He is not fit to be a friend . He is a big bully . He pushed Asim right into his stomach twice and said disgusting things about his parents .
    Shehnaz pulled Asim’s hair . Asim never made an issue but Sid made a big issue out of an apple . Shame on Siddharth . No wonder he is single !!

  39. Get siddharth out he’s annoying to watch. Bigg Boss need to take action, your show is promoting violence anger and hatred. I loved watching Bigg Boss but after watching Bigg Boss not taking no action to get rid of the arrogant siddhart I have stopped watching it. First he was given a warning he’s repeated the mistake and you still don’t take action. I refuse to watch it until siddharth isn’t out.

  40. Asim is fake & childish …he just wanted to provoke Sid, Fake asim will be eliminated coming weeks he can’t survive without support of ppl

  41. Really, I feel sidhart Shukla is very sick get him to a doctor especially to a physcologist…..
    Playing games and abusing his trusted friends particularly with Asim and Shefali… He is instigated by the bloody paras chabra and irritating mahira Sharma…
    sidhart Shukla is very arrogant and dirty player…. Hope he regrets soon for his multiple mistakes

  42. Most irritating thing Salman said I can fight Sid. Salmon can not last as sec in front of Sid. It seems Salman needs a reality check. Anyways Sid you are the best we all love you.

    • Its not who will last its all about using superstar power threatening a contestant and salman has no right to challenge anyone.

      • Why can salman not see sid n asim are being instigated by other members of house esp chachi paras and big lips mahira salman needs to take there class

  43. I feel sidhart Shukla is very sick get him to a doctor especially to a physcologist…..
    Playing games and abusing his trusted friends particularly with Asim and Shefali. instigation is not done in big boss first time .In every season instigation is done . It depends upon the person how he reach on the instigation .Have you forgoton the instigation of last to last year winner Shilpa Shinde who continuously instigated to Vikas Gupta.
    In big boss 12 how Sreesanth was instigated by Surbhi Rana. Sidhrt shukla is really phusco and infact he is instigated by the bloody paras chabra and irritating mahira Sharma…
    sidhart Shukla is very arrogant and dirty player…. Hope he regrets soon for his multiple mistakes

  44. I used to like sid but it’s asim who always tolerated his rude bossy behavior but there is a limit to that he treated him like big brother but he never respected him like younger brother in return ,i hate sid for teaming up with sana who is manipulative drama queen and has no stand .i support asim but not happy with him being so hyper these days

  45. Asim was wrong most of the part Salman being a SUPER STAR and his statement can affect any contestant as lot of viewers may follow Salman’s comment and vote for the contestant. However as a neutral host he has a right to say who was wrong where and who was right where but by giving a statement like ” if i was in the show half of you should have been out or telling sidd come outside and show me what you got” can affect someone’s life. What’s happening in the house is there own game and Salman has no reason of getting personal and show his powers. Being a host he cannot use his superstar image and make any challenging statement or threaten anyone. All contestant does respect salman and follow him very clearly. With all due respect Salman you are the best and I wait for weekend ka waar to see you but it is sad when a host challenges the contestant to fight in that case you can just pick a winner now and finish the show. Why BB is even picking sefali everytime as a sanchalak knowingly she is very partial. What Asim did was the worse of all by provoking sidd taking advantage of sidd’s aggression, but sidd always supported him A1 to sidd for good friendship My vote is for sidd i want to see him till the end. GREAT GOING BB13

  46. Finally Salman Sir repremands Sid. Every week he condoned his behavior and found fault in Paras, Mahira and even Rashmi and Devobut finally he did the right thing. Asim is not 100 ‰ right but it takes a very brave man to stand up to a Bully. Sid has no manners or respect. He acts like a Psyco. Arthi and Shenaaz are the 2 other Psyco sidekicks of Sid. Arthi is the ever faithful wife even though he pushed her away so many times she has no sense or self respect. Paras and Vishal also lied to Sids face about things they said because they were afraid of the consequences from Sid the Bully. All the Sid followers who think he was not wrong are people who enjoy drama and pain at others expense. You want drama go watch a soapies. Big Boss has many other contestants. It is not the Sid, Arthi, Shenaaz Psyco show its Big Boss. Asim well done but just don’t get violent. It’s high time the Bullies get a taste of their own medicine.

    • Sharita shewnath shut up u poor fellow of a dirty brothell. Sid is always right & this time the bloody paid salman jst did it as the channel said to do. Cheap salman khan barking for money

      • U dnt even knw wat u saying u bloody fool,stupid psycho..u cant take that asim a guy from jammu stood up to the bully sidhart shukla..just take it in and suck it up

  47. Salman khan is a shit!
    He is doing all this for money.
    Bloody cheap person salman.
    Siddharth was right & will be right always.
    Don’t care about cheap salman

  48. Salman is utterly wrong in bashing Sid. Asim is not a trustworthy person and equally responsible for sid’s anger

    In last weeks sid is very much only reacting to provocation by asim. He didn’t touch anyone.

    Asim and Himanshi are big liars and manipulators.

  49. Remove Shehnaz from big boss as she none for nothing, she is only taking majaa and throwing oil in between asim and siddarth which has resulted in breaking their true friendship. She is almost hopeless. Whenever there is any task or any quarrel between any contestant she almost puts ghee and oil in between them to make it a big

  50. Even paras and mahira are doing the same thing they are just instigating shehnaz to make the task impossible. They are just using shehnaz for fun because she is almost worst. If This three are out of the show there will genuine person in the show and it will have shanti in show

  51. I hate Asim! How can you even expect a person to be remain calm when someone is poking you continously ! Despite this Salman scolded Siddharth This is realy very unfair! I would not watch bigboss from now on

  52. Salman is a biased anchor. he praised shukla as shukla was with asim.. now they became enemy so he will scold shukla.the entire week asim act like a joker. But salman can’t scold asim . but the winner of the bb is always whom who got scolded by salman . By the way asim will not come in top 4. So least bother about

    salman’s biased anchoring..

  53. Asim is irritating Sid.

    Sid is always right and he is the best in Big boss.

    No Sid means no Big boss watching.

    Siddhartha Shukla ❤️????

  54. So funny how come people support some one using physical violence because you are his fan really feel people who comment most are sidhart people who paid by his PR team because no right mind respectable human will accept such behaviour insulting woman most of time angry why is he small baby that he cant control his anger or he is animal with no brain !??

  55. Sid is the KING of the house, without him show cannot go on, even Salman Khan cannot remove him from house. good Player, Straight fwd we love u Sid. all know the aggression of Sid.
    Asim doing it all wrong he dont Deserve to be in Big boss any more, he is provoking Sid just because Sid can beat him & get removed out of show every one is targeting him.
    show now got frustrated for Viewers

  56. Asim is irrritating and instigating arguments with Sid as he understands very well that Sid is the clearwinnner of the show if he makes thing ugly for Sid then he might be thrown out of house and he might win this show ….sorry Asim no Sid no bigbosss …..then Salman come on every weekend ka Waar and do boring games ….or take support of other artist to do funnny stufff to fill the gap …..I am sure now atlist Salman is gettting some masala or maslhaaas to solve ….. #sid win #……# asim out #…

  57. Salmans responsibility is to correct people in the show when they are wrong not to make sure they are not getting work after getting out of the house..he is not the ruler of the world… salman is a very good person at heart and i am no one to talk bad abt him but he shd never comment in others career ????

  58. I supported Sid in the beginning but his behaviour is not right he never let other person speak and always show them that they know nothing.I wish Salman also give reality check to Sana who is the cunning
    contestant and playing with everyone.

  59. Nonsense, idiot, ek nmbr ka bakwas admi h ye asim aur isbar bhi uski hi fault h…aur bb chup h asim ko kuch nai bol raha h… Ab to bbs 13 dekhne ko maan nai krta.

  60. Sab Asim k khilaf bol rahe yaha, tabhi koi nahi bola jab tumhara Sid ladkiyo se zagadta tha, q ki wahi toh o Kar sakta hai….lekin Asim be usse uski jagah bata di…. ladkiyo se landna aasan hai lekin ek mard k sath nahi….aab ye mat kehna Paras se b ladaiee hui thi….q ki hum subko pata hai Paras ” badi badi batein wada pav khate”

  61. No fault I’d Sir Salman you r doing your work as worship the point is of Asim yesterday when Sid was seating quietly it is clearly and clecerly cunningly see n Asim provoked Sid without sid interference. It’s true one cannot trust friends this is the true colors of Asim. Sid bahrain supports you we are all with you. My vote is for Sid

  62. Sidharth is very rude person,due to him every time we minus the tv volume and sometimes we change the channel due to extra aggression.
    I think he should be eliminated.
    Everybody is playing their game in their own way but extra aggression is not the game.
    Even Himanshi is also playing her game in her own way which is not aggression.

  63. siddhart is not wrong not even asim ..the reason for the fight is shenazzzzzzzzzz ..if shehnaaz will throw out of the house then they will come back as good friend ….paras and maira shows there character this week by supporting siidhart shukla bcz they know if they show support to the shukla then they will be going further …..rashmi and deboline is no use i dnt knw yyyyyyy bigg boss is gvn a 2nd chance to dem …. bhau have to open his house…i want biggboss to show footage of vishal when he sayng abi tho mera game shuru hogya hai … to siddhart shukla …he is playng very safe …i dnt know yyy aarti is still inside ……

  64. Asim is very rude, disgusting and disrespectful person…and provoking Sid to do something wrong in hope that Sid gets eliminated, he actually wants to dethrone the king… that will not happen, Asim has shows his true colour now….he’s forgotten that thanks to Sid he is still in this show…. without Sid this show is nothing.


  65. Thank God if Salman khan had not said anything to shukhla in this episode either, it would have been really sad. I like sidarth shukhla but man this guy has some anger issue going on. FIRST SHOW OF BIG BOSS WHERE THE HOUSE LOOKS SO DIRTY AND THE EVERYOME LIVE SO “DIRTY” IN THIS HOUSE, THIS IS THR FIRST SHOW OF BIG BOSS WHERE THEY STAY IN THE night pj’s and don’t EVEN bother dressing up. First show ever of big boss where there actually not scared to push others and actually not scared of big boss or there punishments. But man Bravo for keep it so dirty and waking of in there pj’s and staying in there pj’s. All shows of big boss it was always strict and it was a big deal to push others. Asim was playing so good but as soon as salman praised him then that’s it, and same with sid, H3 ACTUALLY THOUGHT HE CAN SPEAK LOUD AND PUSH AND ABUSE WHO EVER HE WANTED TOO CUX AT THE END SALMAN WAS JIST GOING TO PRAISE HIM. THANGOD HE DIDN’T.


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