Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar Eviction 25th January 2020 – Shefali Jariwala Evicted from Bigg Boss, Is there one more elimination?

bigg boss 13 shefali jariwala eviction

Bigg Boss 13 is few weeks away from finale and things are getting a lot more heated up, with Bigg Boss finale fixed for 16th February 2020 Sunday this week’s weekend ka vaar is an important event as the no. of contestants starts reducing and we are going to see the Top 5 contestants. We TheNewsCrunch have predicted in our voting trends that Shefali Jariwala is in danger of elimination as she is the one with least percentage of votes and this has turned out to be true this weekend.

The shooting for Weekend ka Vaar for Saturday 25th January 2020 is over and the elimination is announced and it has been confirmed by many sources like TheKhabri and Bigg Boss Tak on Twitter. With 9 contestants remaining and three weeks to go we expect there will be a double elimination in one of the week. Shefali Jariwala with the lowest vote percentage is evicted today and if there is one more eviction it maybe Mahira Sharma or Arti Singh.

Vishal Aditya Singh who was trailing last week is having more votes this week, this is mainly due to his opposition as Sanchalk in the task where he took stance to support Asim Team and Asim fans are repaying it by voting for him and saving him from eviction. Are you happy with Shefali eviction, comment and vote below.

Are you happy with Shefali Jariwala Eviction?

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    • Wish Mahira and Paras will evicted because both are like babies in the house depending on each other in negative ways. I can’t wait to see them both out of house. After them wishing Sidharath goes out because he never do anything in house. Just eat and sleep and makes his body

  1. I am over the moon to hear that Shefali Jariwala, has been evicted! If there is double eviction tonight in WKV. I hope Mahira or Paras is evicted! Those bullies need to be shown the door! If Asim is portrayed as a wrong person for saying Arti is a fix deposit! Then so is Sidharth! For saying Air si larki to Rashmi! If BB could cover up Sidharth mistake by saying he didn’t mean it in a wrong way, what he had said about Rashmi! Then i believe that Asim should also have a chance to explain & shouldn’t be taken in a wrong way! I do believe that Salman khan should have strong words with Mahira sharma, Paras chhabra & Sidharth shukla & Arit Singh & not forgetting ghundi Shefali Jariwala about bullying! Ganging up on one person! Its wrong! But Asim is one of the strongest person i know! That is standing up to all those bullies on his own. He truly is a lion, the name suits him! Not Sidharth! Sidharth is a cry baby, a sympathy taker & not forgetting, he likes to take advantage of others! By getting them to do things for him around the house! Especially Arti singh! To be honest i have never ever seen Sidharth shukla do any chores a round the house! He also has a wrong way of talking down at people! He lifts one leg up like a dog! & speaks down at you. What a kutta Sidharth is!!!

  2. Very delighted to get to know about Shefali’s eviction. She, for no reason had been defaming Asim, poking her nose whenever there was some argument going on amid Asim n others. Honestly, it was nothing more than joke whenever Shefali called herself a lioness!! After Shefali, Mahira must be evicted! Mahira, a girl with her upper chamber empty!

  3. Shehnaaz definitely is playing game n using Siddarth. Innocence is too far from that woman. She is beyond any explanation…..She is just an embarrassment!!?

  4. ESha YOU don’t know what are you talking about. You can kiss Asim’s ass .but he is a dirty BOY , he don’t even know what is he talking about. He abuses everyone in the house except Rashmi . Rashmi is a slut and Asim is a puppet of Rashmi. Sid is the man of his words. Shefali is a great person .She speaks the truth and stands up for her words and so does Mahira and Arti. Shefali ,Arti and Mahira are the ones that made this BIG BOSS fun and enjoyable to watch. Heads off to Sid and Paras with out this two it would be NO show. Asim is a total LOOSER All the best to Arti. Mahira .Shefali. Sid and Paras.


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