Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar: “Akanksha Puri Called Me to Find Out What is Going On Between You and Mahira”, Salman Slams Paras’ Aggressive Reply to Him on Relationship with Mahira !

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Bigg Boss 13 is entering a very crucial phase and Weekend Ka Vaar episodes ought to be electrifying and filled with shocking twists and suspense. With Salman Khan in the furious mode, fans can only expect some major issues are going to be brought to light in this weekend’s episode.

This Weekend Ka Vaar episode’s spotlight is on Madhurima Tuli, Vishal and Paras Chhabra. After the awry tussle between Vishal and Madhurima this week, Salman cracked the whip on Madhurima and sent her out of the Bigg Boss 13 house.

Right after dealing with Madhurima, Salman Khan jumps to Paras and Mahira’s relationship issue.

Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar Highlights – Did Akanksha Call Salman Khan To Find Out About Paras? Paras Blames BB Creative Team for the Allegation

Salman Khan made an open statement stating that Paras’ relationship with Mahira does not look like just friendship. Paras is not happy with Salman’s statement. He calls Salman’s allegations as ‘Bhekar ki baatein’ (wasteful talk) which does not go down well with Salman. Paras continues to argue with Salman who is already frustrated with the Madhurima incident. Salman Khan later reveals that Akanksha Puri called him up to find out what is happening between Mahira and Paras as she is worried.

Paras also mentions the role of the creative team in showing things in a cheesy way which is making people outside Bigg Boss 13 think that Mahira and Paras are in a relationship. Salman Khan does not like the fact that a contestant like Paras is blaming the show’s creative team which he is currently a part of.

Later on Salman Khan continues to be in the mood to reveal shocking things about what Paras had committed to Akanksha Puri before coming into Bigg Boss.

After the intervention of fellow housemates, Paras apologizes to Salman Khan. However, it is not clear if he really meant it.

Paras Will Ignore His Mother’s Warnings?

Paras’ mother entered the house and did not react well to Mahira Sharma’s welcome. Paras’ mother advised him that he is looking weak ever since he became the Godfather to Mahira Sharma. She also reiterated the fact that she will be the one to choose the girl for her son.

Mahira’s mother also did not react well to Paras’ incessant kissing on screen and it looks like Bigg Boss creative team took a call to highlight this issue with Salman’s weekend ka vaar episode.


  1. what to say Mahira and paras are good friends in the show it is good for them both of them are playing very nice supporting each other. It is only a show so i think there is no relationship between them


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