Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar 29th December – Salman Khan had to wash utensils and other house chords as housemates indulges in fight

bigg boss 13 29 dec weekend ka vaar

What is going to happen on the weekend of Bigg Boss 13 has never happened before and it should never happen. I do not know who will be the winner of this season, but it is definitely that this time all the families have shown their cheapness in this TV show. In the upcoming Weekend Ka Vaar, Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is going to do something that will surely rip off the heart of ‘Bhaijaan’ fans.

In fact, Salman Khan will give a grand party for his birthday to all the housemates in the upcoming Weekend Ka Vaar. After receiving this, the family members are going to be very happy. But what happens after that will blow everyone’s senses. In the upcoming episodes, you will see that after the party, Salman Khan himself is about to enter the house and clean the entire house. This will blow the senses of the family as well as the audience. Big Boss makers have shared this promo video. In the shared promo, Salman Khan is seen entering the house and fetching utensils in the kitchen. Apart from this, they clean the entire house and will go to the bathroom and pick up the dirt of the family. After watching this promo, the audience’s mind is going to be tinged.
Ever since Shahnaz Gill took over the captaincy, all the family members have been seen to buy bycot from the housework. No one is fulfilling the responsibilities found. In such a situation, the whole house is very dirty. After seeing this form of Salman Khan, all the householders will be seen apologizing to him, but ‘Bhaijaan’ is going to bring his reality in front of him. What do you have to say on this attitude of family members? Can tell us by commenting.


  1. What to comment on this,,this is really bullshit,or out of mind,,actually they dont the game what actually it is..doing wrong things is not right at all but taking stand on wrong things will help and prove ur personality….thats it

  2. I think sidhart shukla shld b calm,,,small issues are becoming big fights and crossing the limits also..which is not useful to any one else….shenaz is a smart player in the house…asim is dogla…shidarth is a strong player but only he has to control his aggression…bagga is better then rashmi,,,arthi singh quite good.arhaan,mdhurima,vishal,waste in house,,zariwala is also very smart.


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