Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar 1st February 2020 – Arti Singh Safe from Eviction, Who gets evicted this weekekend?

Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar

Bigg Boss 13 is fast approaching weekend and we will be seeing Salman Khan tomorrow in weekend ka vaar episode on 1st February 2020. There are reports that Bigg Boss cancelled captaincy task due to Vikas Gupta’s wrong doings and Sidharth Shukla complaining about it. There are also reports that Bigg Boss has saved Arti Singh from eviction and there will be another contestant evicted this week. Tomorrow Salman Khan will be talking on these topics during Weekeknd ka vaar

  • Nomination Task
  • Vikas Gupta opening secret about Asim Riaz’s girlfriend outside Bigg Boss house
  • Shehnaz Gill’s brother fighting with Paras Chhabra and the controversies around it
  • Vikas Gupta’s strategy to win captaincy and how Sidharth Shukla exposed his cheating methods
  • The relationship between Asim and Himanshi, are they really in love with each other and what Salman Khan’s advice for them
  • Why Bigg Boss stopped Captaincy Task

The most important topic would be eviction and who gets eliminated during Week 18 on 1st February 2020. If Arti Singh not eliminated this weekend then will there be any other shocking eviction this weekend? Vote below

Are you happy with Arti Singh not eliminated from Bigg Boss 13?

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  1. aap voting hi band kr jab k arti sing ko vote mile hai es ko ghr jana chhayee par jab k big boss ne ksm khayi hai apne jamayi ko jatane ki to de do trophy es ko khatm kro yeh gande game

  2. Why making fool to public. Its clear evident that both BB and Salman favouring Sidarth. Don’t Salman see how he behaves inappropriately in the house. ” Esey hi trophy de do khamkha itna raita kyu faila rakha hai.
    Now see what Vikas Gupta had done amidst the game. Its worse than what Vishal had done in horse task. It should be condemned. C’mon’, show some respect to viewer’s don’t make fun of them. It’s horrible.

    • I completely agree . Too much biased towards Shukla, Paras and Mahira . These three are badtameez to the extent of infinity and allowed to do their badtameezy on national television in front of all the viewers . Big boss programme has become a laughing stock. No respect , dignity , good conduct is promoted at all. The makers themselves are badtameez and that is y they support badtameezy .
      Salman Khan has tried to condemn this , it was evident . It is because of him the show is running . otherwise there would have been a ban of this cheap, rubbish mentality show.

  3. Vikas Gupta is not a ‘Master Mind’ but a ‘Dirty Mind’. Why Salman supports Vikas Gupta and Siddharth Shukla…I don’t understand. Completely baised towards Shukla.


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