Bigg Boss 13 Week 8 Captaincy Task Winner – Himanshi Becomes the Vivo Captain of the Week Amidst Controversies!

Himanshi Khurana vs Shehnaz Gill bigg boss 13

Bigg Boss 13 which is entertaining the fans with its high-voltage drama is back with yet another captaincy task during week 8 and those who becomes the captain for week 8 will be safe from elimination. As Aarti became the first Captain of the Bigg Boss house, followed by Shefali, the contestants are all geared up for the next task and will fight to become the next Captain of the house. Bigg Boss decided not to have any captain after Shefali’s tenure.

Bigg Boss announced the new captaincy task wherein Himanshi, Bhau, Siddharth and Shehnaaz are in for an intense task between each of them. The four contenders are going to have a tough time as this week’s Vivo captain of the week will get a chance to change the dynamics of the house.

Siddharth’s team is divided and torn apart. While Paras and team are trying to make the most of the divided opponents, the blame goes on Shefali for splitting Siddharth’s group.

Bigg Boss 13 Vivo Captain of the Week – Week 8 Nominations

Shehnaaz’s Svayamvar was marred by Asim and Siddharth’s fight. However, Khesari’s ‘shayaari’, Vishal & Devoleena’s Crossdress helped Paras’ team to cruise to victory. Himanshi and Shefali motivated Asim and assured that he is doing the right thing as Sidharth dominates over people and does not listen to anyone. Sidharth is planning to make Shehnaz and Vishal to make Vishal the next captain of Bigg Boss 13. However, the task’s results has different news.

Since Paras and team were unable to come to a conclusion about who the captain nominations would be, Bigg Boss gives a chance to Siddharth’s team. As a result, Hindustani Bhau, Shehnaaz, Himanshi and Siddharth get nominated for captaincy task.

Hence, the nominations for Vivo captain of the week are:

  • Siddharth Shukla
  • Shehnaaz Gill
  • Hindustani Bhau
  • Himanshi Khurana

Bigg Boss 13 Vivo Captain of the Week – Himanshi Wins the Task Based on Shefali’s Decision

The task is called frame task where the contenders have to hold the frame and whoever holds it till the end will win the task and be the captain of this week.

Himanshi and Siddharth are the final two to fight it out. Though Siddharth holds the frame using some technique till the end, he completed the task as per the rules. However, Shefali was the judge of the task and chose Himanshi as the deserving winner of the task. Hence, Himanshi becomes the Vivo captain of this week.

Do you think Himanshi deserves to be the captain of this week? Let us know in the comments below.


    • Everytime she gets saved. She is so wicked. Her talks n attitude, she thinks she is perfect like sid. Bhau calls her sister! Yehi hai right choice bhau!! When Mahira got hurt bcos of sid aggression mahira was proved wrong now how sid is wrong. V hv to wait n c wat Salman has to say? Himanshi came running in front of Paras n provoked him then how she blames paras for the touch. She plays women card sefali n asim is ok with it? Bhau wat r u doing?? Cant u c himanshi n asim so close to each other is he not touch her?

  1. Himanshi does not deserve to be captain. Shefali made “bias” decision. Himanshi and Shefali both are taking the advantage of Asmin and Sid’s fight.

    • Yes in this critical situation for Sid Nd group himansi is deserve to be a captain so that the nominated candidate from paras group are unsafe Nd shefali Nd himansi had great bonding which also help Sid Nd …..paras Nd group are in danger….but no doubt paras is a great player he is playing very sharp ….in short he is mauka farasth.

  2. Siddharth is v hypocritical in everything he says, he can’t stand his friends talking to his foe’s but now he’s up their v backside – he talks down to everyone as he feels superior to everyone in the house – his arrogance shows – I was in full support of Sid n his team up until his fight with his bestie – ‘orange’ so why cldnt he just cut it – Asim is not his puppy … Asim was his bestie until he nodded to everything he said …. the day he went against his thought process n wham bham sid phatta lol n in a way where he’s bloody giving me a headache – n then he tells arti I can’t get influence by anyone – Lmaof – he is Paras’s puppy n he has got sid where he wanted … the dude knows how to manipulate the situation n he has to his full advantage…. cunner n a good one at that

  3. Himanshi is a lady, n articulate and v intelligent n she carries herself with dignity unlike her rival

    Himanshi can be a top captain but I’m afraid to many barkers in the house

    • Absolutely……. I don’t know why big boss is giving her importance. Since she came in the show it becomes already boggus …..and now they are trying to make it more irritating

  4. Himanshi is a non deserving candidate. She is in the big boss just for name sake and only criticize sana for everything. She is dumb and not at all entertaining. I think she has to go out from the show.

  5. Vo to biased captain n’biased result sunkar biased face himanshi khuranA ko bna diya vrna sid ki juti KO bhi tkkr dene ki aukad nhi h us bitch kii

  6. It’s not about who the captain’s about how the captaincy will be..I hate Paras that hairy man put his ungli every where lol????????..n the result is he hurt his ungli so I’m happy atleast the person from Paras team is not the captaain…shefali is a nice woman and Rashmi too..himanshi deserve to be a captain..why not!!!?????Sid is too arrogant..dominating…sehnaz upcoming rakhi sawant!!!bhao is a good man..Asim is cute..but plizzz Mahira don’t try to be over smart..I hate ur voice it’s sooooo irriiiiii????????

  7. Himanshi I hate to see u on screen.please go away I just want to see Shukla and sana.she does not deserve to be captain.u and Shefali go aways.

  8. Shukla group has not even asked shukla name for captaincy they are here just because of shukla who made this group fought for them. Atleast paras group has support shukla to became captain .# I support Siddhartha shukla

  9. OMG himanshi is already full with ego and attitude and now she became captain ….. worse decision. She is trying to show herself innocent but she is really a errogant and clever personality. The way she pushed sana in very bad And I don’t if there is any justice for Shehnaaz or not. She had to say sorry to Shehnaaz. Since himanshi entered in this house Shehnaaz already apologize to her and her family however himanshi’s behaviour is so bad but still Shehnaaz ignored her so many times…… baaki sab dikhta hai who is superior….

  10. Himanshi what a plying Game, Hat’s up girl. Of course she deserve the Captain. I want see good couple friend with Hero of BIGG BOSS 13, Mr. ASIM Bhai. Really ur THE LION. Only u can control the high temper man SID.

  11. No ethics, no rules…when Sid has won the task then he should be the captain. His own team is jealous with him now and this Kanta laga girl… Salman will take her class over weekend for sure. Himanshi- we hardly see her, BB wants to see her in house for few weeks that’s why he made this plan otherwise someone else could be the sanchalak. Asim – he is desperate for girls at the moment. Shefali makes sure that she keeps him in her control by her closeness and touches. It’s not cheap, it’s very clear and Himanshi pe wo line maar hi raha tha starting se

  12. I dont like Himanshi. She is not deserving stay in big boss house. I don’t know why call her to enter big boss house.i don’t like Shefali to and asim disparate. Love sana and sed.

  13. Himanshi was holding the frame the wrong way. That’s why she fell. Sid did not pull the frame at all. Shefali did not even see what happened. She just went with hk s statement. Wrong decision.


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