Bigg Boss 13 Week 6 Popularity Poll Vote Results: Siddharth Shukla Leads, Followed By Asim and Shehnaaz? Vote Now

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Bigg Boss 13 enters its sixth week. The drama, chaos, fun and fights continue to a great extent in the Bigg Boss 13 house. A lot of shoulders have been rubbed this week and Siddharth’s nomination for eliminations is crucial. As Bigg Boss 13 enters the decisive phase where contestants and audience are not yet out from the first finale, the sixth week elimination of Bigg Boss 13 this week will be a very important one.

The weekend ka vaar episodes promise a lot of action and suspense as the host Salman Khan digs into the happenings of the week. Though eviction nominations have been announced, it is becoming quite obvious that Tehseen, Paras, Mahira or Arhaan will be evicted this week.

Shehnaaz Losing Popularity, Himanshi Taking Over Her Position?

Siddharth Shukla and Asim Riaz are the stalwarts of this season in terms of popularity in Bigg Boss 13. Shehnaaz was the most popular among the female contestants after Rashmi and Devoleena’s exit. However, with the entry of wildcard entries like Himanshi Khurana and Shefali Jariwala, her popularity is dwindling. Shehnaaz is losing ground in terms of credibility.

Adding salt to the bruise, Shehnaaz was awarded directed nomination into the elimination list for next week when she failed to come to the living room when summoned.

Are Asim Riaz’s Fans Supporting Siddharth Shukla?

As #JusticeforAsim trends on Twitter, fans of Asim are not taking break. Though their favorite contestant is safe from eviction this week, they are unhappy with the way Asim is treated in the BB13 house. Fans of Asim are happy with his friendship with Siddharth Shukla. Hence, it is speculated that Asim’s fans are supported Siddharth Shukla.

Asim was the most popular contestant last week. However, Siddharth Shukla seems to have a considerable lead over Asim this week.

Shefali’s Captaincy Might Help Her Gain Popularity?

Shefali Jariwala took over the captaincy from Arti Singh for the upcoming week. Shefali has a considerable fan base. Arti Singh literally slept during her captaincy period. If Shefali is able to change things for good, she might gain some credibility points this week.

Mahira To Gain From Siddharth Shukla Issue?

Mahira was on the brink of eviction during this week. However, with Tehseen’s eviction, Mahira is safe by a whisker. With #IStandbyMahira trending on Twitter, it looks like Mahira might gain some sympathy from the audience in relation to her tussle with Siddharth Shukla.

Bigg Boss 13 Week 6 Popularity Poll Vote Results Standings – November 10th (vs Last Week’s Standings)

  1. Siddharth Shukla ( +1 )
  2. Asim Riaz (-1)
  3. Hindustani Bhau (NEW)
  4. Himanshi Khurana (NEW)
  5. Shefali Jariwala (NEW)
  6. Rashami Desai (-1)
  7. Shehnaaz Gill (-4)
  8. Arti Singh (-4)
  9. Paras Chabbra (-3)
  10. Khesari Lal (NEW)
  11. Devoleena (-3)
  12. Mahira Sharma (-5)
  13. Arhaan Khan (NEW)

Bigg Boss 13 Week 6 Popularity Poll Online Vote

Who is the Most Popular Contestant?

Siddharth Shukla
Asim Riaz
Rashami Desai
Arti Singh
Shehnaaz Gill
Hindustani Bhau
Shefali Jariwala
Himanshi Khurana
Paras Chabbra
Arhaan Khan
Khesari Lal Yadav



  1. I strongly vote for Sid . He is one men show , He is genuine & playing fairly .Everyone against with him , pity him . He is a very strong contestant.
    He deserve to win Big boss 13.

  2. I strongly vote for Sid . He is one men show , He is genuine & playing fairly .Everyone against with him , pity him . He is a very strong contestant.
    He deserve to win Big boss 13.

  3. Sid is best he is really one man army ,,sacche dil se game khelta hai n apna baat se mukarte bhi nhi agr galti ki to mann bhi lete hai lekin baki nhi mannte hai agr pura ghar sid ke against hai but audience sid ke support mein hai.

  4. SID and Shenaz are best contestnt in bigg house. SID decision is right in captaincy all fare . Loser team try to he wrong in his decision. But if thinking like sportmanship he is right


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